Friday, November 05, 2004

Shiira Meuniere with Basil Paste

Shiira meuniere

Or whatever the name is. This is my favorite and really easy to make. The basil paste inside gave enough flavor so I didn’t even need to salt & pepper the shiira (dolphin fish or dorado) fillet. (I soaked the fillet in white wine briefly beforehand.) To make the sauce, I just poured some white wine into the frying pan right after I took out the fillet, and added a squeeze of lemon. That was it.
The dill is from my balcony garden.

They are this big now.

Simple and tasty dinner…. and really inexpensive!!! :D

BTW, I made a pop quiz out of my previous tempra photo just to get you to take a closer look at it. Wanna try?
Choose 2 ingredients that are not included in the tempra.
a) carrot
b) squid
c) eggplant
d) asparagus
e) prawn
f) shiitake mushroom
g) sweet potato

Easy, ha?


Evil Jonny said...

Yeah, easy. The answer is shitake mushroom and squid. The mushroom pictured is not shitake, and I don't see any squid. ;-)

Glad to find your blog, Oba-chan!

obachan said...

Yep, you got that right! ;) Thanks for your participation.

OsloFoodie said...

Aaaaah, I missed this quiz. It would had been fun. But I think I would had guessed wrong anyway because I couldn't tell whether it was carrot or sweet potato that is shy in the background.
I really enjoy your blog, Obachan :)

obachan said...

Hi OsloFoodie,
Thanks. I’m going to post pop quizes once in a while, so don’t worry ;) You’ll have a chance.