Friday, December 03, 2004

Something Quick & Easy... Again

Chuuka don (Happosai over rice)

This is called Chuuka-don in Japanese, which means Chinese donburi (rice and topping in a bowl). What’s on top is happosai (八宝菜), and I really want to know how it’s called in English. Chop suey? Someone who lived in America for several years once told me that Chop suey was different from happosai. Is that true? What’s the difference?

Anyway, this happosai was one of those ready-made thing in retort pouch. It tasted a little too strong, so I added some water… maybe a little too much ;P The photo looks like vegetable soup or something, but actually there’s some white rice underneath.


ting-aling said...

We had udon for breakfast today but no was too hungry..

obachan said...

Udon for breadfast:D Must be a nice way to star a day 'coz udon is easily digested, I guess?