Saturday, May 14, 2005


Obachan’s another ill-thought project is quietly going on….
The result will probably be posted on Sunday (hopefully).
Watch out!


Anonymous said...

Heheh!! i'm watching..! 

Posted by MrsT

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan,

Ooh...I can't wait. Is it something scary or dangerous? 

Posted by Reid

Anonymous said...

Hehe I cant kitchen is like my Science lab and weird things plus and explosion or two have occurred LOL 

Posted by keona

Anonymous said...

Exciting...I'm on pins and needles....Can't wait to see the next project...I'm still drooling over the latest....ymmmmm. 

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

MrsT --- Stay tuned! ;)

Reid --- It is, how should I say.... driven, in a sense?

keona --- Wow, glad to find another mad scientist! :D

carlyn --- I may or may not try quasi-kaiseki once in each of the 4 seasons. How about that?

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

Interested. Keep Blogging!