Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Nashi Infused Vodka

It was my pay day today, so I kicked off another project: Nashi (Asian pear) infused vodka.

I definitely prefer European or American pears for making desserts, but for infusion, I think these crisp, juicy and sweet Asian pears would be very nice. I could be wrong but I’m eager to find out. We’ll see.
(No sugar added.)


carlyn said...

The nashi vodka sounds as though it will be delicious....have you heard of an italian infusion with lemon and sugar and lemon peel? Lemonchello (spelling????) It turns a beautiful yellow and is quite delicious...

Big BoK said...

I'm so excited to see how it turns out. :)

Sara, The Wine Makers Wife said...

My friend Brian lives closer to San Francisco which is about 40 minutes away from my house. When he comes over he always brings a bottle of the latest infused vodka or rum. This last time he brought a dark Rum with coffee infusion in it. He was nspired by a new Starbucks product that is out her ein America that is coffee liquer. Its rathe rpricey, so he made his own! It wasn't bad, but I drink a lot of coffee- and I thought it tasted like he used really cheap stuff... but it WAS an experiemnt so I understand him not wanting to splurge on good stuff. It looks so easy, just buying vodka and putting fruit in it, but what about storing these infusions? Brian keeps his in a dark cupboard, but can't tell me why - he just read that you should. Also, should I pierce the fruit with a knife or anything? Good luck!!

augustusgloop said...

You're becoming a bit of a vodka fiend! It's a great idea though. It would make a great Xmas present (if you could bear to give it up, that is!).

cookiecrumb said...

Obachan! Wow, you just put an idea in my head: I think I'm going to try a blend of cucumber and pear.
Right now I'm infusing a little vanilla bean vodka. It takes a while, but after three days it's already a beautiful color and smells wonderful.
My next attempt will be with ginger root.
(PS: Augustusgloop -- Yeah, I was thinking presents too, but I'm wavering! And Carlyn -- yep, but it's spelled limoncello; I've got to try that as well.)

Amber Amethryne said...

Hi Obachan,

Love your food blogs sooooo much! I like your paintings too. Such a talented lady you are. You've found a new fan in me. :)

Keep up the excellent work!

obachan said...

Oooow, another temptation…!

Big Bok
I promise I’ll keep you updated on this ;)

Maybe 3 month ago I didn’t understand your friend’s passion of infusion, but now I do. It’s highly addictive.

It is said that high temperature, light (ultraviolet) and oxygen deteriorate the taste of liquor. I guess the risk is higher when things like fruits/herbs are in the liquor. I doubt if a liquor with 37.5% alcohol content can perfectly prevent peach soaked in it from going bad when kept in a hot and humid place. I pierced grapes when I made grape infused vodka to let the juice and color of the skin come out, but in case of this nashi version, the fruit was peeled and cut so I didn’t think piercing was necessary.

I’m really scared that pretty soon my kitchen may be full of jars with labels like mad scientist’s lab. Yeah, it will be a great Xmas present………to me.

OMG, you’re amazingly creative! If they’d start giving novel prize in the blogsphere for great inventions, I’d nominate you. The color of vanilla bean vodka?? Yeah, I can imagine the wonderful smell, but what color? Brown? And don't give up on the rose petals.

obachan said...

Hi Amber Amethryne,
Oh, you saw my watercolors, too? Thanks!

cookiecrumb said...

Obachan: Yes, brownish. Kind of caramel-colored. Pretty, just like you'd think.
I still haven't found any rose petals that I know for sure aren't sprayed with insecticide, but I haven't given up. I might look into rose geranium.
Thanks for the encouragement!

obachan said...

Good luck, cookiecrumb ;)

cookiecrumb said...

Obachan! Today I tried my pear-cucumber infusion.
It was superb. You must try it.

obachan said...

I just visited your site and saw your pear-cucumber infusion. It looks great! :) I’m still kinda hesitant about trying cucumber because my last attempt with it didn’t turn out good, but with pears it must be different. Thanks for the inspiration.