Monday, February 13, 2006

Friendly Sushi Place

Fish fish’s recent sushi post had triggered my sushi craving, and this was the place I went last Saturday. Yeah, I can’t afford expensive sushi served at a real sushi restaurant, but I can go for a more action-oriented sushi once in a while --- the ones that come and go on the belt-conveyor. ;)

The place is called Marine polis. Don’t ask me why. I can only imagine that the “marine” has something to do with the seafood used for sushi, and “polis” came from “metropolis” or something… but I’m not sure.

Broiled mayonnaise-prawn sushi?

I liked this. The shichimi pepper gave a nice kick to the familiar combination of mayonnaise and prawns.

Fried eggplant with miso glaze sushi?

I didn’t try, but these were my friends’ favorite. They looked so happy eating these, so I’m sure this will be on my “things to try next time” list.

Hirame (left-eyed flounder) sushi

This is my absolute all-time favorite. Mmmmm….!!

Jumbo hokki-gai gunkan

Look at these! Do you feel like trying them? The white peaks on top are chopped surf clam, possibly mixed with chopped veggies and seasoned with mayonnaise, maybe? I didn’t feel like trying, but definitely thought these were worth taking photos. ;)

I wish I had more money that day.
BTW, in a kaiten-zushi shop, sometimes the conveyor makes me feel a little dizzy. Does this happen to you, too?


OsloFoodie said...

Obachan, this is the kind of sushi place that I would go to, experimental, plus all the sushi look great, I would love to try the eggplant with miso glaze, it looks so delicious.

Anonymous said...

Oooo... would love to try the jumbo hokki-gai gunkan!

Yeah, I get a bit dizzy too sometimes when I stare at the conveyer for too long. So dear, you're not alone. :-)

Anonymous said...

I really liked the looks of the eggplant sushi!!!! I would love to try that.. The others looked great, too. YES!!! The conveyor does make me a little woozy, too. I thought it was me and I never mentioned it to anyone before....tee hee

obachan said...

Yep, the eggplant sushi. That must be a must-try, because I was with 3 of my friends when I went to the sushi shop and all of them recommended it. I’ll post about it when I actually gave it a try.

Oh, you’re brave! :O If I’d try the jumbo gunkan, I’d have to take a friend of mine with me to share the huge sushi… I don’t think I can empty the plate all by myself.
BTW, I’m glad that you get dizzy, too ;)

Wow, another person who gets dizzy watching the conveyor! OK, people all over the world, come here and make a confession! :D
I’m going to try the eggplant sushi next time, and if I could figure out how to make something close to it, I’ll experiment and post about it someday.

Anonymous said...

I remember having Sushi like this when I was in Tokyo a few years back. I tried Abalone that was raw. Oh my gosh it was sooo tough and chewy. I did not know how much my friends all loved it and they were so shocked I hated it. The eggplant sushi looks so yummy, yes you must try that next time! Obachan, would you be interested in giving me your mailing address? I know from a post a long time ago you said you have a modest / small cook book collection. My mom is a cook book-aholic! She collects them and then gives them to me. I can't use all of them and I'd liek to send you a few if you are interested. Your blog is so soothing and calming to read. It brings me so much joy!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you my email address if you want to send me yoru mailing address.

obachan said...

Hi Sara,
Yeah, abalone sushi can be really tough sometimes. For me it has been kind of hit-or-miss, and I usually try to avoid it unless someone else tries it before I do and say it was good. ;P
Your nice comment about my blog really made my day.
I just emailed you about the cookbooks. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

With conveyor belt sushi that looks this good, who needs "fancy" sushi?!

obachan said...

Hi joanna,
yeah, but still we need some places where we can eat sushi without getting dizzy, you know ;)

Anonymous said...

I get dizzy too and I thought I was the only one too...gosh, what a relief, I'm not senile (yet) and the sushi looks too nice, I'd love to have the recipe of the eggplant sushi, would impress a few!!
Obachan I really appreciate your blog and I am becoming a regular visitor, well even more than before finding it, lol.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

P.S., I found your blog through oslofoodie.