Friday, February 17, 2006

Tai no Aradaki

Tai no aradaki

I gave up. There’s no way I can present tai no aradaki in a more sophisticated way, hiding all the grotesque parts. This is the best I can do.

What could be the proper English translation of tai no aradaki? It’s basically a simmered sea bream, but what you use is the head, bones, tail and a little flesh left on the bones, which were left after the fish was filleted. So it’s a very inexpensive dish (130 yen this time for all the fish parts), but believe me, the flesh left on the bones tastes sooooo good! Especially, there are some very tasty parts in the head of the fish that my grandma really loved to eat. ;)


SkyJuice7 said...

Looks good, though I'd happily let someone else eats the head part. A Muslim hadith* said consuming fish heads frequently can make your memory fades in time.

* Hadith: A report/collection of the traditions of Prophet Muhammad, including his sayings and deeds, and his tacit approval of what was said or done in his presence. The hadiths were collected and came to be a record of the Prophet's Sunna (way of life), second only to the Qur'an in authority for Muslims.

skyjuice7 said...

The meaning of hadith was taken from:

Helen said...

I personally enjoy eating fish heads (being a grandma myself perhaps explains this?) and I also showd my children how to eat the tasty fish cheeks! This dish looks delicious. Have a nice week-end Obachan

Anonymous said...

Your dish and presentation looks really nice. Although you're hiding the "good" parts. I guess some people's "grotesque" are other people's beauty. The most tasty parts of the fish are said to be the cheek meat, the meat at the top of the head and the meat closed to the bone. One of the finest side dish is the simple salted and peppered fried ahi (tuna) bone after the fillet has been removed. Love that stuff. BTW, I know the item at the right side is gobo, but what's that on the left side of the fish? Is that the bones? -lance

obachan said...

Oh, really? Maybe that explains why I’m this forgetful! :D Thanks for the interesting information.

Mmmm, so this is a grandma thing? ;) I love fish cheeks, and that of sea bream is said to be one of the best. But my grandma’s favorite part wasn’t the cheeks. I wonder if anyone can guess where it is.

Looks like many people know about the cheek meat. Can you guess my grandma’s favorite part which is not the cheeks?
What’s on the left side of the fish is big fish bones and some meat. I don’t use gobo very often for tai no aradaki, but this time I decided to add a little just to give an extra flavor to the dish.

milgwimper said...


The dish looks delicious, and I love fish cheeks. I can eat the eyeballs but they usually taste bland or slightly bitter. :) Does your grandmother like the eye balls? When I was a child my brother and I used to fish over them...just to gross out our friends and guests. ;P

obachan said...

Yes, you got it right! :D
Maybe eating eyeballs is good for health. It is said that the gelatin part around bonito’s eyes is very rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). My grandma lived until 98 years old, and she was able to read newspapers until a couple of years before she passed away.

Anonymous said...

Shucks!!!!! I just got over a 3 day weekend and read your comment thinking I know what your grandma like. The gelatin around the eyeballs!!!! But too late. Milgwinger knew it also. My grandma liked the eggballs also and never needed glasses as well. But as for me........glasses since 4th grade. Not enough eye balls and carrots. The gelatin around the eggballs remind me of oysters. Love that stuff. -lance

Jen said...

That looks delicious, in a rustic kind of way. I love fish but living in Pittsburgh, it's hard to get good quality seafood!

Soon I want to try buridaikon, which I think looks kind of similar...

Helen said...

Well to be able to finish the "grandma" part of fish, what I also LOVE is fish roe, hard or soft. Miam. Unfortunately here in France it's hard to come by, but hubby is a regular fisher and brings quite alot of trout home, and when they are "full" he leaves me the roe.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, I shouldn't be writing in the early morning after a 3-day weekend. Still recovering from the long weekend. What the h... is an "eggball", should be eyeball. I'd better take a spelling class. LOL -lance

Gustad said...

nah, not grotesque... i agree, some of those are best parts of the fish. i love the head too!

obachan said...

I wasn’t sure if eating eyeballs was good for eyes. What we say here is DHA is good for your brain.
My grandma had to wear glasses when reading newspaper, but what was amazing to me was her ability to read and understand the content.

Oh, buridaikon will be great! You can get buri over there??

I’m a roe-eater, too. : ) I envy you. What a nice hubby you have :D I wish I had a hubby who often goes fishing and catch sturgeon frequently.

Don’t worry. I understood what you meant. Three-day weekend can really do you a trick, right? ;)

Glad to hear from another fish-head eater ;) Isn’t it good to know that real tasty food can be very inexpensive sometimes?

Helen said...

Unfortunately, he doesn't catch sturgeon at all. Now I want some caviar!!!

milgwimper said...


Hmm maybe I should get back to eating the eyeballs. I need all the brain power! ;P


I am sure if you hadn't gone on vacation you would have bat me too the answer! :)


I love roe also! I love it when in a type of Korean stew or prepared with hot sauce. I think the Japanese name is Mentaiko. Well Ok I like it in most any fashion. ;P

keiko said...

Obachan, well, this looks fantastic to me - it must taste as wonderful as it looks. I can't believe how cheap the fish was, I totally agree that it tastes much better when you cook it with bones/other bits (getting hungry again...) One of the things that I don't like about living here is that people think eating 'other bits' is vulgar thing to do - I don't really have the nerve to say this in front of them (!) but we shouldn't waste since we killed the animals (I'm not just talking about meat/fish but you know what I mean). How is the new staff doing by the way? I hope she's enjoying working there :)

obachan said...

That’s my favorite…but I’ve tasted it only a few times in my life…

I love mentaiko, too!

The “ara” was cheaper because it was a 養殖fish. I wonder if the ara from 天然 sea bream would taste any better. (Maybe it does.) I understand how you feel about telling people there about eating this kind of food. This could be your lovely secret to share with some special people only, and personally I think we are all entitled to have that kind of lovely secret ;) Don’t you think?
The new staff is doing great…. so far. :)