Friday, June 23, 2006

Mizuna and Sasami Salad

Mizuna and Shredded Chicken Breast Fillet Salad

My first harvest of mizuna turned into this salad today. Compared to the mizuna I see at stores, mine is a lot softer and the color is much lighter.

The mizuna and shredded chicken was tossed with wasabi-mayonnaise this time. It was one of a variety of mayonnaise dressings said to be good for mizuna salad. Other than the wasabi version, I saw mustard-mayonnaise, ponzu-mayonnaise, soy sauce-mayonnaise, sesame-mayonnaise, tofu-mayonnaise and mentaiko-mayonnaise, etc, etc… Wow! :D



Anonymous said...

The chicken used here looks really similar to a Thai salad I ate a couple days ago. How did you cook the chicken to make it so moist and chewy?

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to ask a Japanese person this - why is mayonnaise so popular in Japan?

obachan said...

anonymous commenter #1
I added some sake when boiling the chicken. ;)

anonymous commenter #2
Because in the 1990s, a space ship from the planet mayonnaise landed in Japan and some crew sneaked into this country. Their mission was to turn Japanese people into extreme mayonnaise lovers -- called "mayoraa" -- who would eat almost anything with mayonnaise. It is said that they use either virus or mass hypnosis to convert people into mayoraa.
KIDDING!:D But it IS true that mayonnaise lovers are called "mayoraa" in Japan and the number of them has been growing since 1990s.

spots said...

i love mizuna, but it's a pity they don't sell it very commonly in singapore :(

obachan said...

Hi spots,
I wonder if it is easy to get mizuna seeds over there. It must be nice if you can harvest the vegetable from your planter when you want.

keiko said...

What beautiful colours, it must taste lovely too. We can actually get mizuna here (it's called mizuna :)) but yours looks so delicate and much softer than ones here.

obachan said...

My mizuna isn't getting enough sunshine... that's why the leaves are in lighter green and much softer. But they are at least as crispy as mizuna should be, so I'm happy. :)