Monday, April 30, 2007

Sweet Seasons / April 2007 - Young Maple Leaves -

Young Maple Leaves

I know. I already posted about green maple in July 2006. But it was kanten jelly last year and this time it’s nerikiri, so please forgive me for repeating the similar theme. Maple leaf is my favorite wagashi motif and this one looked too nice to ignore -- I have seen the mold of a single maple leaf many times before, but not the one with two leaves combined together like this.

* Wagashi by Nishigawaya



Michelle said...

Hi Obachan

I came across your blog few days ago. It always make me drool to see all those food n sweets that you have made.

Is it possible u can guide me on those recipes?

KirkK said...

Hi Obachan - I'm always so blown away by your artistic abilities. So very pretty.

Di said...

it is gorgeous!

obachan said...

Our new life's
Hi. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. So sorry, some of my posts have recipes, and some don't. If you want recipes for some specific dishes, please email me. Thanks. :)

Oh, how nice of you to say that. Of course I didn't make this wagashi, but I'm happy that I live close to the popular wagashi shops in town.

Yeah, I love the color gradation.

Nicole said...

Those maple leaves combined together look really beautiful! I actually saw some similar once when I was in Argentina. I had gotten this luxurious Buenos Aires Real Estate and they used this kind of wagashi decoration for all the rooms!