Monday, August 04, 2008

Blueberry Ice Cream Parfait?

Blueberry Ice Cream Parfait - Obachan's version -

It was amazing how fast the ice cream melted in my room... Anyway, for the record -- I got 32 berries from my small blueberry plant (sunshine blue) this year, and they turned into this yummy purple ice cream. The white swirl is store-bought vanilla ice cream which was really sweet. I'm glad that I didn't use too much of it for this dessert.

One unfortunate fact is that now some leaves of this sunshine blue plant are gradually turning brown because of the crazy summer heat here. I placed a shading net over the plant about a week ago. Hope it helps.



K and S said...

your ice cream looks great! I hope the netting helps your plants too.

Piccola said...

Beautiful parfait. I envy that you're able to grow a blueberry plant.

galleryfang said...

yes.. really envy that you can grow blueberry...

Anonymous said...

That looks absolutely refreshing. I love the deep colour. It looks like it would taste like pure blueberries. Hope your plants do well!

Marie said...

That color is fantastic! No question whatsoever what's in that ice cream.

Anonymous said...

oh, i hope your blueberry plant is okay!!! O_O

your parfait looks awesome, by the way.

obachan said...

K & S
Thanks Kat. It all started with your idea. :D
BTW, now about 1/3 of my blueberry plant seems to be dead. We're gonna have another one month of crazy heat, and my hunch is that if 1/3 of the plant is still alive in mid. September, maybe it can survive... hopefully.

I think this place is a bit too hot for growing blueberries. I gave it a go a few years ago because this particular variety, sunshine blue is pretty drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant. But maybe the heat here on the balcony of my place is higher than the plant's tolerable level. :(

Maybe Indonesia is a bit too hot, too? But I bet you have many kinds of wonderful tropical fruits there.
BTW, I love your pictures! :D

Actually it didn't taste like "pure" blueberries because of the cream and a little of yogurt added. But they made a good combination. Have you noticed that the color is more reddish than the test batch? I wonder if the difference came from the cream cheese added to the test batch.

As I wrote above, I hope I to see some green leaves left in mid September. Actually the plant may survive even if all leaves would turn brown and fall... because it happened once before (in 2005) but the plant survived.

K and S said...

yikes Obachan, I hope your plant survives!!

Anonymous said...

i have been a silent reader of your wonderful blog for the longest time....since 2006 maybe? and now that i finally moved to japan recently, i find your recipes and ancedotes very relevant. thank you for this particular blueberry ice cream parfait recipe ~ it is going to help me beat the summer heat. :D

obachan said...

Ooops! So sorry that I forgot to respond to your comment! :O Yeah, I love the color. Personally, I think the color of this ice cream is more appetizing than that of the test batch.

K & S
I hope so, too.

Thank you for being such a loyal reader of my blog. I hope you're enjoying your days in Japan. :D

Anonymous said...

Yummy..!!! so pretty .. Obachan..!!! you amazes me everytime lah..!

Michelle said...

Ooh, that looks so yummy! :9~

obachan said...

Crunch rex
Thanks. You encourage me everytime and I appreciate it. ;)

Thank you.

furniture said...

Not if it's been sitting out for several hours at room temperature, because then bacteria would have had time to grow. But if it's still quite cold and has just melted, go ahead. Personally I think just-melting ice cream is the best.