Thursday, November 11, 2004

Another Pop Quiz

Guess what fruit I used to make this mousse.
It is:
- Typical autumn fruit in Japan.
- There are 2 kinds of this fruit:
sweet kind and bitter kind.
- Bitter ones can be sweetened by applying
some distilled spirit and keeping them
warm in a plastic bag.
- If you eat the bitter ones with mayonnaise,
you don’t feel the bitterness.
- Sun-drying can also make the bitter ones

The taste of this mousse? Rather light and smooth. Very good with whipped cream. Next time, I’m thinking about making thick and sweet sauce out of this fruit to pour over the mousse.


Anonymous said...

I am guessing it's persimmon?

undiscovered gryl said...

I'm guessing .. passion fruit..??

Evil Jonny said...

My guess is Chinese dates.

Dennis Mai said...

Hmmm...a fruit that's bitter and can be eaten with mayonaise....I have no idea!

obachan said...

Thanks so much guys for your participation :D Congratulation jcheng, you’re right! It was persimmon!!
Everyone made a nice try and I appreciate that.
> MrsTweety --- Nice try. Passion fruit mousse must taste really good, too. It’s just not our typical autumn fruit… we mostly import them, I think.
> Jonny --- To be honest, I have never seen real Chinese dates yet. I guess I’ve tried some dried ones, but not sure.
> Dennis --- Yeah, I brought up this mayonnaise story to make this quiz more confusing. Looks like it worked ;)

Evil Jonny said...

Oba-chan: here's a page on Chinese dates (jujube):

obachan said...

Thanks, Jonny. Gee, they’re very good for health, aren’t they? I especially liked the “retard aging” part ;)