Saturday, November 13, 2004

Persimmon Mousse

Persimmon Mousse

OK, here’s the answer of the pop quiz. The fruit was persimmon. I bought 2 of them at the Sunday market last weekend and wanted to make a dessert out of them. I guess they are Fuyu persimmons. (BTW, the dark-colored cloth underneath is actually my grandmother's Hanten jacket.)

What we commonly say about persimmons as a rule of thumb here is: The flatter ones are sweet, acorn-shaped ones are bitter. The sweet (non-astringent) kind persimmons like the Fuyu and CoffeCake shown here taste sweet while they are still firm, so you don’t have to wait until they get really soft. To eat the bitter (astringent) ones, you either wait until they get very ripe and soft, or take the bitterness out by sun-drying or using distilled spirit.

I mentioned about eating a bitter persimmon with mayonnaise, but that’s not what we commonly do here in Japan. It was just an interesting finding reported on TV. They said that when you eat a bitter persimmon, it takes away the protein in your mouth and that makes you feel the bitter taste. When eaten with mayonnaise, the mayonnaise supplies the protein to make up for what’s lost and that’s why you don’t feel bitterness. I don’t know if it’s a scientifically proven finding, nor I tried eating one that way myself, but I just remembered the information.


I also heard that some people make persimmon tempura. To me that sounds very tempting, so I’ll probably give it a try someday ;)


Dennis Mai said...

That looks good. Can I get the recipe for this mousse?

obachan said...

OK, I’ll see what I can do. Can you email me to the address in my profile?

purplegirl said...

hi, obachan -- i tried the biscuits you made using the recipe from Santos. what a disaster -- after 20 minutes in the oven, they were still doughy and tasted so bland. maybe because i used half and half and regular milk. i'll used whipping cream next time.

by the way, do you have any recipes for chestnut pound cake? i went to shewhoeats but her recipe is in japanese and the translator you told me to use wasn't that much help. thanks!

chika said...


O this autumn I've been seeing cakes/desserts using persimmon everywhere... it makes me feel like I HAVE TO make one myself too, even if they are my least favorite fruits :P I made persimmon pound cake last year and it tasted pretty good, though. Your mousse looks very pretty and from what you mentioned, it will be just right for me (light, not too persimmon-y!) :D

purplegirl, I can give you a translation of the recipe for chestnut pound cake if you want. I guess I can do a job at least better than a machine translator... :)

obachan said...

> purplegirl --- Sorry to hear about your biscuit. Wish you a great success next time :) My assumption is that the use of heavy cream and self-rising flour would be the safest combination.
I’ve never made chestnut pound cake nor have a recipe at hand, so I’d like to depend on chika. Is that OK?

> chika --- Well, persimmons are just everywhere right now, so I just had to jump on the wagon, you know :) (I’m going to email you about the mousse.)
Thanks for offering help for the chestnut pound cake recipe. I’d appreciate it if you would give purplegirl the translated recipe. TKS.

OsloFoodie said...

I bought and ate persimmon for the first time in the weekend. It was delicious, thanks for the posting, Obachan.

obachan said...

Hi OsloFoodie,

Honestly, I didn’t know you have persimmons in Oslo. Thank YOU for broadening my horizon.

Deeba PAB said...

Just bought my first ever persimmons in India. Happy to have found Fuyu ones. Have been researching them, and have now reached your beautiful blog. Do you have any desserts recipes using the fuyu persimmons on it? Thank you.