Saturday, February 25, 2006

揚げ物 Agemono (Deep-Fried Dish)

天麩羅 Tempura

Ganmodoki (Fritter of tofu and vegetables)
 Deep-Fried Green Pepper

This was my first time making home-made ganmodoki. The photo here shows how the tofu-veggie mixture looked before being deep-fried. I had read about how great it tastes when home-made, and now I understand!

What’s on top of ganmodoki is momiji-oroshi which was made by inserting a piece of red pepper in a cut made in small daikon block and grating the daikon with the red pepper. I know… this is a lousy job. But it tasted OK. ;P

天麩羅 (ふきのとう・たらの芽・シシトウ)
Deep-Fried Butterbur sprout, Aralia bud and Green pepper

These deep fried greens were supposed to be lovely…but unfortunately the fukinotou (butterbur sprouts, the ball-like ones in the photo) were so bitter! Later I was told that the younger the sprouts, the bitterer they are. I should have bought them 3 to 4 days in advance to let them bloom a bit more before use.