Saturday, February 25, 2006

酢の物 Sunomono (Vinegared Dish)

Blanched Field Mustard with Miso-Vinegar Dressing

Now I’m not sure if a dish with sumiso (vinegar-miso dressing) can be considered as vinegared dish in Kaiseki course in a strict sense. Oh, well, this is not “real” Kaiseki anyway. I wanted to use something springy, so here’s nanohana (field mustard). But to be honest, I like it with mustard dressing rather than vinegar-miso dressing.

Daikon and Cucumber Pickled in Sweet & Sour Brine

Originally I was going to use one of these daikon-chrysanthemums as a garnish for the salmon, but it looked too big for the fish, so I decided to present them as a vinegared dish. Again, I was going to use a turnip to make these chrysanthemums, but couldn’t find any.


hinata said...
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hinata said...

Everything looks so amazingly yummy, can't believe you did all this in a day! How did you cut the daikon chrysanthemums? They're so pretty... Looking forward to visiting your izakaya :)

obachan said...

Hi hinata!
So nice to hear from you. The photo on
this site
will give you some idea of how to make this daikon chrysanthemum. The chopsticks are the key.

Let me know when you find out your schedule! :)