Saturday, February 25, 2006

菓子 (Dessert)

黄身しぐれ Kimishigure (Steamed Sweet Bean Paste - Egg Yolk Dough with Matcha-flavored Bean Paste Inside)

This was my very first try and it was not a great success, honestly.
Here’s some pics that give you an idea of how these are made, if you’re interested.

I guess I made a mistake when copying the recipe … the amount of joshinko flour seemed too little, and I had to add more and more of it to make the dough handlable. So I couldn’t get the texture right. Ideally, the green color of matcha-flavored bean paste inside should have shown in the cracks… Well, I’m going to try making this dessert again, so better luck next time. :)


milgwimper said...


The semi kaiseki looks really gorgeous! :) How did everything taste? I am so curious!

Karen said...

Oh! What a feast!

Anonymous said...

I like this one...I am craving for somtin sweet...Asian sweet...T___T
Nicely done Obachan! Outstanding cooking, outstanding picture! Kudos!


Anonymous said...

My, my, what a feast! I so want the yakimono and tome-wan.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Waow, that's art! All this food looks gorgeous and so beautiful! You are a really good cook...

obachan said...

Most of them tasted OK, except the misozuke tofu and butterbur sprout tempura.


This could have been better if I could get the dough right…Well, next time. ;)

They would make a nice breakfast combo, actually.

Well, to be honest, they look better than they tasted.

Anonymous said...

Obachan, everything looks wonderful, your guests are really really lucky. I can't imagine how much hard work was involved to make all of these beautiful dishes, great job!

obachan said...

Well, of course I was the only guest, and yeah, I was happy with the meal, but not so much with the washing part... :)