Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Black Sesame Seed Cookies

Black Sesame Seed Cookies

It's been a while since I baked something last time...

These sesame seed cookies turned out just so-so because I omitted the almond powder called for in the recipe. I guess it made a big difference in the texture.
Well, next time I'll try making these using almond powder.



Karen said...

They look good though!

FooDcrazEE said...

yeah it looks good. what about toasting ur sesame seed and then grind thenm into paste and uses them as u will with almond powder. replace the black sesame seed with white as colouring and texture.

Anonymous said...

obachan, could you possibly post the recipe? pretty please? :-)

Anonymous said...

They look cute! ^_^ What's the texture like without the almond powder?

Anonymous said...

OW, the idea of sesame always keeps me interested. They look fantastic Obachan! How do you made them so perfectly cirlced? One more question, does black sesame seed come from JApan? I often see them used only in Japanese bakery in my hometown.

Valentina said...

They look gorgeous Obachan. The shape is spotless. Tell me your secret.

Deetsa said...

The only black sesame seeds I've come across were from a East Indian food mart. I bought some and was promptly horrified because they smelled like gasoline!! In a curry-redolent environment like an Indian store I can see why I didn't smell it before buying it. I'm terrified to use them. I doubt I will because I don't think these are the black sesame as are used in your cookies. I can't imagine why anyone would want to eat something that smells like gas. I hope I find some soon.

Gustad said...

im guessing these are sweet cookies?

sooishi said...

ho they look so good!
That's funny i've just posted on my blog a black sesame ice cream :-)

obachan said...

Thank you! : )

Interesting idea. I wonder how it would turn out texture-wise.

anonymous commenter
Mmmm…. Can you wait until I actually try this again with almond powder?

A little hard, actually. I guess with almond powder they would be more crumbly…??

anonymous commenter
Thank you. I used a round cookie cutter. And the sesame seeds are from Japan.

The secret is a round cookie cutter : )

Mmmm… strange. Black sesame seeds smelling like gasoline?? I wonder why. Luckily, mine smelled just like regular black sesame seeds.

Yep, but not too sweet so that it won’t spoil the flavor of toasted black sesame seeds.

I just checked out your black sesame ice cream. It looks gorgeous with white sesame seeds on top! :D

Anonymous said...

I sell black sesame seeds and mine smell like sesame. Would love to post your cookie recipe on my site.
P.S my seeds grown here in the USA

obachan said...

Hi mark,
Thanks for your comment. I'm going to experiment on this sometime soon, combining a couple of Japanese recipes I found on the net. I'll let you know the result when ready. :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe, so cute! They look warm and conforting...and good for eating with milk! =P

obachan said...

Yep, they were good with milk (actually it was soy milk that I tried), and also hot green tea.

lierre.empire said...

hi..can you post the reciepe for this? it looks great :)

obachan said...

I just emailed you the recipe. Hope you like it.