Monday, April 24, 2006

A Thank-you Gift?

White Wine and Tea Jelly

Yep, I quickly recovered from the hangover and enjoyed this white wine. In addition to drinking it with my supper (grilled salmon and baguettes) on Tuesday, I tried out this recipe yesterday morning. ;)
This was not bad at all, but next time I want to try something like… uh... well, how about a layer of this white wine jelly over strawberry or raspberry mousse?

P.S. Thank you GENKI people for giving me this wine.

A present given to me last night. I’m looking forward to tasting this as soon as this hangover is gone…
(Some drinks and karaoke last night. ;P)

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Deetsa said...

Enjoy! :D

filbert said...

Wow, what a great blog! I love Japan and it's great to read about your recipes and your experiences. Gee, if I were to go to Japan, would you care to share some with me???

purplecupcake said...

Don't get carried away! lol

obachan said...

I more than one way. Wait and see ;)

Sure. Let me know when you're coming! :)

It's hard for me not to ;)

Cuisine Paradise said...

Hi there... You really had a great blog that i love. And I am very interested in your White Wine and Tea-Jelly dessert. But the link for the recipe is in Japanese and I don't know how to read Japanese... if it possible can you please help to translate it to English...Thanks...