Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake

Well, the doctor told me to rest, but didn’t say that I had to stay in bed all the time. So, to make my restful afternoon more relaxing and enjoyable, I made this cake. Yes, I had to use up the egg whites from the custard cream for the tarts I made the other day.

This is supposed to be an angel food cake, and now I can’t find the Japanese recipe I used, but I guess this recipe is pretty close (proportion-wise). The blueberry sauce is just store-bought blueberry jam thinned with a little water and liqueur. (But I didn't like it so much.)

This light and fluffy cake is very dangerous in a way… I can’t stop eating. Now almost half of the cake is already gone before I even realized it… ;P



ChroniclesofChaos said...

I have never seen an Angel Food Cake looking as good as yours does! Somehow it looks very Jappie. Clean, light, petite and fantabulous in presentation.

I tried to get the receipe fm yr link but cant get thru. Maybe there wasn't a receipe provided afterall...

Hope you are feeling better with all the anti-biotics.

obachan said...

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! So sorry about the link.
I just fixed it. It should work now. Please try again and let me know if it still doesn't work.

Blue Skies said...

Dear Obachan,

You do take the loveliest photos of food - simple and elegant.

I hope you feel better soon. I noticed your job load has gotten more with your restaurant becoming a kaiseki now. I also miss your regular posts & photos.

Take care and rest well.

hinata said...

Your cake looks beautifully fluffy! And agree cooking is sometimes the best way to rest at home :) Hope you get better soon!

(P.S. did you get my e-mail a while back? Chicken rice offer still stands, it's sitting on my shelf, wondering what to do with it :))

Jennie Durren said...

Please feel better soon. I get bronchitis every year as a result of asthma and I know it isn't very much fun.

I know what you mean about light-tasting desserts being dangerous. The cake looks really nice! Light and airy!

ChroniclesofChaos said...

Ok... link works perfectly now.

I am tempted to try this at home but am worried:
1) Entire cake will not be taller than 1.5cm
2) Cake will stick to my pan
3) Cake looks burnt with my untrusty oven

hehe... still, your Angel Food Cake pic looks great! I want some please!

Anonymous said...

The cake looks sooo tempting. I could finish the whole thing in 2 sittings! ;-)

I look forward to seeing you using your own homegrown plants/herbs in your cooking/baking.

Salieri said...

hmm...did you not like the sauce because you don't like blueberries?

what i do is just take any jam and heat it a little in the microwave. this thins it out and makes it warm, you don't need to add any water (and i personally don't think liqueur is necessary). it's great. or you could melt chocolate and dip the cake in that.

looking good, obachan. =)

Kristi said...

Obachan, I hope you're feeling better! Your cake looks really good. I made angel food cake recently for the same reason you did - to get rid of egg whites. :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Obachan, I hope you can rest well and get back on your feet very soon!

Your angel food cake looks very fine, no wonder you could not stop eating it!...

Get better!

Gustad said...

wow, looks VERY light. i've enevr seen one so close to white. i love the color you have going on there.

obachan said...

blue skies
Thanks. The antibiotics seem to be working. I still cough quite a bit, esp. at nights, but overall, I’m feeling better day by day.

I do think cooking is quite therapeutic in many ways… if you didn’t have to do lots of washing afterwards… ;P
(Oh, yes, yes! I got your email! Sorry I forgot to respond!)

Thank you. I’m feeling much better. I wish you could get rid of your bronchitis completely…it must be really unpleasant to experience this every year!! :O

Well, my cake is already gone so if you want one, you’d just have to take a risk. Hehehe…
Come on, if you’re a foodie, your appetite should lead you to take any kind of risk. Go for it!! ;)

Thank you. It’s amazing how fulfilling it makes me feel to use my own homegrown herbs/fruits for cooking/baking. I have another ambition this year, BTW…

Oh, I do love blueberries! But this cheap jam was just too sweet with almost no berry flavor… That’s why I didn’t like it so much.
For this cake, I might love lemon- or lime- flavored dipping sauce. Thanks for your tips.

Hey, So glad to know that you started blogging again! Yeah, angel food cake is such a good idea for using up egg whites, isn’t it? I’m not hesitant to make custard cream any more : )
Next time I’m going to try earl-grey-tea flavored angel food cake.

Thank you. I’m feeling much better now. Caring comments from fellow bloggers and readers are really making me feel good. I’m so happy to have such great supports. : )

Well, about the color, don’t trust my photos too much… ;P It doesn’t mean that I try to make them look better than what they actually are, but usually the colors turn out somewhat differently from what I actually see.

Valentina said...

This cake looks gorgeous. And the contrast fo colours with the sauce make it look even more delicious.

obachan said...

Thank you valentina. :)
I do think the color contrast was good. It was just the taste of the blueberry sauce that I didn't like very much... Oh well.

Anonymous said...

You should have you're own cooking show. Everything you post looks so delicious.

Thanks for sharing.
Nicole in Los Angeles

obachan said...

Oh Nicole, how nice of you!
But my own cooking show??? Mmmmm... Yeah, that would be exciting, if I wouldn't have to be on TV. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aaaaarrrghhh. It looks sooo good. Looks all fluffly and pillow-like. Makes me want to sleep on it! Hehehe. It's gorgeous... I tried making kasutera the other day, and it also turned out light and fluffy. I agree with you, it IS dangerous! ^__^

obachan said...

Now that you said that, yeah, it does look like a pillow. I bet you can have a sweet dream if you sleep on it. ;)

Anonymous said...

how do you do that? i mean get the cake to look like there's no brown crust? very nice....


obachan said...

Hi katsu,
Actually I would like to know how to get the brown crust. I have no idea why but some of my cakes always turn out like this. When I use a tube pan or a kouglof pan, the sides of the cake never turn brown. On the other hand, when I bake pound cakes, quick breads and muffins, their sides turn brown. Whay is that????