Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Garden Report - May 2006 -

Blueberry --- Sunshine Blue

See the berries growing after the flowers are gone? I'm definitely going to harvest more berries than last year.

Myoga ginger

I thought this was dead, but NO! Look at this!
This myoga didn’t bloom last year, but it might surprise me this year. Who knows?…

Looking good! I ought to make dill seed pickles this year.


I don’t remember seeing my thyme blooming like this before… So happy about it.

BTW, anyone wondering about my rhubarb plants? Now they are growing wild in my mom’s veg. garden, according to her. Maybe I can make a decent-sized rhubarb cake this year? Oh, I can't wait! ;)



Evil Jonny said...

So jealous about the myoga and blueberries... I want, I want! ;-)

obachan said...

Maybe myoga ginger plant is difficult to find over there, but I sure don't know what's keeping you from giving "sunshine blue" a try. You can order it online -- it’s not extremely expensive or anything -- and it's probably the easiest kind to grow. It is self-pollinating type with low chill requirement. It doesn’t need much space but yields lots of berries. Mine even survived the terrible heat in summer in Kochi on the balcony (2F) in front of the outside unit of an air conditioner. The climate over there must be much better for the plant. So why not? I guess you can’t fail, Jonny!

Anonymous said...

Obachan, I hope you're feeling better now... Your herbs look great, I've just planted a small red currant tree in my garden, keep fingers crossed... Look forward to the next report :)

obachan said...

Thanks, keiko. Now I'm perfectly(?) fine.
I'm so jealous about your red currant tree. That's probably something we can't grow in this hot and humid climate here. Good luck and keep me updated, please. ;)