Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sweet Seasons / January 2007 - Wild Boar -

Wild Boar

Here’s another cheating. Sorry! But I felt I had to post this one before New Year’s festivity was over, because the theme of this wagashi is specifically related to New Year’s celebration. I heard that the Chinese character "猪" means pig in China, so over there 2007 must be a year of the pig. The same Chinese character means "wild boar" in Japanese, so that's why you see illustrations of wild boar everywhere during New Year's holidays this year in this country.

Oh, isn’t he cute?

Have a wonderful year of the wild boar!

* Wagashi by Shingetsu



Mako said...

Such adorable wagashi!!

obachan said...

Oh, thanks for finding this post.
Yeah, I had to have a heart of ice to bite his head off. :P

Anonymous said...

I love this wagashi! Sugoi! I want to learn how to make wagashi. I hear it takes 10 years to be very good at it. Right now I can only get it at Minamoto Kitchoan in London.

obachan said...

Hi shigatsuhana,
Thanks for visiting my site.
Yeah, seems like it takes a lot of work to be a wagashi expert. So there's Minamoto Kitchoan in London?! Wow! I wonder if they sell the same wagashi they do here, or if they have any "UK specials." ;)

Anonymous said...

I like this wagashi very much! I think I'd like to make a stuffed toy version and take it to bed :)

obachan said...

That would be nice. Hope the toy version would give you a dream as sweet as this wagashi ;)

Anonymous said...

The one in London never seems to have anything special. I think NY shop has lots of special ones. I took some photos there in December of the shop. I bought suzunone and another kind with maccha powder on the outside and cream in the middle. It was delicious! Here are photos I took:

obachan said...

Hi agan,
Thanks for sharing the pic. of kicchoan's wagashi. I don't remember seeing that one at their branch in this town -- looks like they have real staples only.
Anyway, I hope you keep enjoying wagashi over there.

Crysta said...

What is the wild boar made of?

obachan said...

I think it was nerikiri dough. And azuki koshi-an (sweetened red bean paste) was stuffed inside.