Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Something Refreshing, Please!!

Sudachi drink

Typhoon Meari is coming. It’s just landed on Kyushu, and is coming this way. I’ve just evacuated my herb planters to the bathroom and spilled some dirty water from the planters on the kitchen floor. Nice way to start a day, ha!

On a day like this, the humidity is almost intolerable. The air conditioner helps, but still, having to stay in the room with storm shutter closed is not so much fun, especially when you had to experience it too often in about one month. Anyone would want something refreshing, and it’s better to prepare it while the power is still on and the ice cubes in the freezer aren’t melt yet.

This is “sudachi” drink. I put some grated ginger, honey, sudachi juice in sweetened soda. Yes, this sudachi is the leftover from the yuzu chicken night. This wasn't a great success, because the strong sweetness of the soda killed the ginger and sudachi flavor almost completely. I should've used unsweetened soda. But still, the look of this drink and the sound that the ice cubes made in the glass did make me feel refreshed.