Thursday, April 29, 2004

More about Me

Well, here’s my answers to the questions that you may or may not have in mind (but are afraid to ask)… :D Why don't you find out more about me here?

Because I’m too young to be called obaachan (granny). :P
Besides, I don’t want to deny the fact that I’m an obachan (aunt) to my lovely niece and nephew. Instead of rejecting the label “obachan” to look/feel younger, I attempt to be a very special “obachan” that only I can be -- not any younger or older than what I actually am. ;)

I was born in 1964. (This way I don’t have to keep updating my age every year. Hehehe…)

One year in Pennsylvania, 3 +1/2 years in Mississippi, 2 months in AZ, about a week in Montana, about a week in Vietnum, about a week in Norway, about a week in Malaysia, 2 days in NYC, 2 days in Hong Kong.

Because I haven’t met a man who is brave/desperate enough to marry me. :P

No. But I do believe that fusion and ignorance are two different things.

Living with a big dog and a little kitty in a house near the ocean.

Yep, that’s because I read my posts over and over and keep making changes/corrections (or sometimes replace photos). I know I should do it before posting, but there are mistakes I recognize only after the posts were uploaded.

I wouldn’t hesitate to post a Japanese recipe as-is in Japanese with a proper credit. But translation is a different story. If I translate a Japanese recipe into English, there is always a possibility of mistranslation due to my limited linguistic ability. And the mistranslation may bring you a bad result when you tried out the recipe.

Imagine how you would feel if you were the author of the original recipe. You came up with a recipe after repeated trials and errors. You added your best tips and advices, because you want everyone to have a success. And you shared your recipe with readers of your blog (or your books, articles, whatever). Then without your knowledge or permission, it was translated into a foreign language that you don’t understand, and shared with the whole world. And because of a poor translation, the readers end up with crappy results.

Maybe you wouldn't care if you didn't know about it at all. But what if the translator credited the crappy recipe with your name and even linked to your original recipe, trying to look “copyright-conscious?” And you can’t even find out what’s wrong or what to ask the translator to improve, because you don’t understand the language that your recipe was translated into. Isn't it unfair? Wouldn't you feel that you wanted to make the choice of whether to allow it or not in the first place?

So, basically, I don’t literally “translate” and “post” Japanese recipes without permissions of the authors of the original recipes. And it is VERY unlikely that I get permissions. Of course. Would you give a permission in the situation like above if you were the author? I wouldn’t. So if you really desperately want a translated recipe, email me at the address in the sidebar.

I might, though, draw upon several Japanese recipes and/or cooking programs and summarize what they say to combine it with my own cooking experiences, like I did in my edamame or daifuku or nerikiri posts.

More to come...

Friday, April 02, 2004

Sweet Seasons



..........May - Azalea -

..........December - Camellia -



Thursday, April 01, 2004

Other Areas

- Hummus with Eggplant
- Home-made Pita Bread


Izakaya Chronicles


#1 - Veggies! -

#2 - Changes -

#3 - Biggest Change -


- Weekend at My Parents'
- Macou's Bagel Cafe
- Sweet Paradice 90 min! (with fish fish)
- Music in My Kitchen Meme
- At the Hub in Kyoto (with fish fish & Patrick)
- Macou's Bagel Sandwich-2
- Five Cookbooks Meme
- The Cook Next Door Meme
- Food at Wanuke-sama Festival
- Childhood Food Memories Meme
- The 23rd Post Meme
- "B-set" lunch at Monte
- Food at an Open Campus Event
- Food at an Open Campus Event
- Sauces/Seasonings in Obachan's Kitchen
- Foods I enjoyed at and after Momote sai in Yasu
- Too Much Information Meme
- Foods at a Community Event in Muroto
- Common Cold Remedies Meme
- The 7 Meme



Buttermilk biscuits that didn't rise
Champon-style nooldes in awful soymilk soup
Strawberry Tart with TART strawberries
KillerTiramisu that Gave Me Caffein Overdose
Nashi-infused vodka that was overly boozed up
Overbaked lime bars

More to come....? :(



- Grits I
- Pork stewed in red wine
- Avocad and Shrimp Salad
- Bacon and Basil Spaghetti
- Shiira Meuniere
- Chicken Stock
- My Thanksgiving Dinner
- Cabbage Roll
- Potato Pancakes
- Salmon Meuniere
- Grits II
- Deep Fried Oysters (Kakifurai)
- Pan-fried Chicken with Orange Sauce
- Grits III (Cheese Grits Casserole)
- Rosemary Garlic Chicken with Potatoes
- Tomato Stew
- Seafood Paella and Clam Chowder
- Chicken Burrito
- White Stew?
- Chicken Marsala
- Tomato-flavored Porridge
- Eggplant-Cheese Bake
- Rosemary Potatoes
- Red Beans & Rice with Tomato Cup Salad
- Eggplant Zucchini & Kabocha Pumpkin Casserole
- Open Sandwich
- Horse Mackerel A La Provancale?
- Ruby Red Grapefruit & Cottage Cheese Salad
- Peach and Cottage Cheese Salad
- Herb-grilled Salmon
- Broccoli Potage Soup
- Salmon & Tomato Spaghetti
- Chicken & Vegetable Soup
- Belated Thanksgiving Dinner 2005
- Pork and Tomato Stew?
- My Christmas Dinner 2005
- Bouillabaisse
- Freezer-emptying Chowder
- Flounder Meuniere
- Kakifurai (Breaded and Deep-Fried Oysters)

Garden Report

Time to Bloom!
I Planted Dill Seeds
My Herbs Are Back on the Balcony
Newcomers to My Balcony Garden
Garden Report March 2005
Garden Report May 2005-1
Garden Report May 2005-2
Garden Report June 2005
Garden Report July 2005
Garden Report October 2005
Garden Report December 2005



Sudachi Drink
Iced Rosehip Tea with Honey
Instant Chrysanthemum Drink
Instant Shoga-yu (Hot Ginger Drink
Warm Sake
Hiyashi Ame
Pina Colada
Moscow Mule
Various Drinks at Yosakoi Festival
Grape-infused Vodka
Grape-infused and Plum-infused Vodka
Nashi-infused Vodka
Sake I tasted at Takagi Brewery



- Yummies! (Coconut cake & strawberry sorbet)
- Orange Jello
- Suiito Poteto (Sweet Potato)
- Blueberry Pancakes
- Apple Dumpling Cake
- Carrot Custard Pie
- Manuka Honey
- Gingerbread Cake
- Yummy Biscuits
- Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Soy Milk Frosting
- Orange Tart
- Sour Cream Pear Pie
- Pumpkin Muffins
- Sweet Potato & Apple Bake
- Persimmon Mousse I
- Persimmon Mousse II
- Purple Sweet Potato Pudding
- Pear Compote
- Purple Sweet Potato Pie
- Miso Cookies
- Christmas Fruitcake
- Gingerbread House and Maccha Cookies
- My Christmas 2004
- Arare Cookies
- Savory Cheese Shortbread
- Wagashi- Japanese Sweets-
- Raisin Scones
- Chocolate Muffins
- Passion Fruit Flavored Kit Kat
- Rachel's Fuwa Fuwa Soy Milk Cakey
- Marble Cheesecake
- Cheese Shortbread
- French Toast
- Soft Ginger Cookies
- Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
- Pikachu Kasutera
- My Homemade Birthday Cake
- Sakura Mushipan & Matcha Swirl Bread
- Banana Walnuts Muffins
- Aloe Vera
- Fresh Blueberry Pancakes
- Strawberry Waffle Cone
- Coconut Macaroons
- Konatsu Awayuki-kan
- Panna Cotta with Cherry Sauce
- Konatsu Marmalade
- Chocolate-tofu Pudding
- Ume (Japanese Plum) Jam
- Konatsu Bavarois
- A New Look!
- Biwa (Loquat) Tarts & Ume Jam Tarts
- Breakfast Zucchini Bread
- Tomato Jam
- Molasses Flavored Zucchini Bread
- Rosemary Scones
- Matcha Custard Pudding
- Rhubarb Cupcakes
- Shiratama Dumplings in Mint Liqueur Syrup
- Gelatine Cheesecake
- Moko Moko Cheese Bread
- Peach Cobbler
- Apple Marble Cake
- Warabimochi (Blacken-starch Dumplings)
- Earl Grey Tea Roll with Fig & Cream Filling
- Carrot Halwa
- Carrot Cake
- Yogurt Jelly
- Sourdough Pancakes
- Double-crust Apple Pie
- Poached Pears
- Black Pepper Scones
- Xmas Fruitcake Project 2005 - Step1 - Making Mincemeat
- Halloween Pumpkin Pudding (with some guests)
- Sweet Potato Apple Pie
- LOOK chocolate Wa 和 La Mode
- Persimmon Jam
- Yakinasu (Grilled Eggplant) Ice Cream
- Marble Cake
- Nerikiri
- Apple Walnut Pudding Cake
- Xmas Fruitcake Project - Step 2 -
- Sourdough English Muffins
- Christmas Cookie Gift Box
- Christmas Dinner 2005 (Dessert)
- Apple Walnut Muffins
- Yogurt Biscuits
- Caramel Butter (Marble) Cake
- Mississippi Mud Cake



- Banana Rice with Spicy Lemon Chicken
- Curried Pork (JMom's Recipe)
- Chuuka Don (Happosai over Rice)
- Daikon with a Chinese Touch
- Mapo Tofu
- Asparagus & Prawn Stir-fry?
- Crab Rangoon with Ice-cold Beer
- Chicken Curry
- Vietnamese Coconut Lemongrass Chicken
- Spring Rolls
- Chicken and Vegetable Stir-fry
- Shrimp with Chili Sauce


- Rice Salad
- Dried Fish w/ Miso Soup
- Chicken with Yuzu-Kosho
- Rice Porridge
- Potstickers w/ Hane 1
- Kakiage with Tempeh
- Special Lunchbox
- Lunchbox
- Recent Japanese Entries
- Tamagoyaki
- Sake-Steamed Asari (Asari no Sakamushi)
- Tempura
- Nabeyaki Udon
- Miso Soup
- Buri Daikon
- Omuraisu
- Hanetsuki Gyoza (Potstickers w/ hane) 2
- Deep-Fried Oysters - Kakifurai -
- Oden - Japanese Hotchpotch -
- Takikomi Gohan in Donabe - Japanese Pilaf Cooked in Claypot -
- Chirashizushi & Butajiru -
- Toshikoshi Soba
- Unorthodox Osechi at My Parents'
- New Year's Ceremony at My Parents'
- Daikon a la Carte
- Yomogi Udon
- Sukiyaki!!
- Mochi & Aburage Bake / Fried Mochi with Grated Daikon Radish and Ponzu
- Mizore Nabe
- Yam & Tofu Gratin
- Sakiika (Roasted & Shredded Squid)
- Chawan-mushi and Store-bought Sushi
- Kasu-Jiru
- Izakaya Menu -1- Mentaiko Spaghetti
- Oyako Donburi
- Tororo-Jiru
- Stir-fried Bean Sprouts
- Tenmusu (Rice Ball with Batter-fried Shrimp Inseid)
- Ohanami Bento (Packed Lunch for Cherry-blossom Viewing)
- Gozansho Chicken from KFC
- Nikujaga (Simmered Meat & Potatoes)
- Unagi Bento
- Tamagoyaki, Grilled fish with Kinome-miso and others...
- Obachan's Quasi-Kaiseki
...* Appetizers:
...* Soup Dish
...* Sashimi (Sliced Raw Fish)
...* Broiled Fish
...* Deep-fried Dish
...* Simmerd Dish
...* Vinegard Dish
...* Rice, Miso Soup & Pickles
...* Dessert
- Mentaiko & Cheese Toast and other appetizers
- Yakiniku! (Japanese-style Barbeque)
- Eki-Ben
- Asupara maki Furay (Asparagus roll)
- Yaki-nasu (Grilled Eggplant)
- Kabocha no Nimono (Simmered Pumpkin)
- Food at Hirome - Shio Tataki (Seared Bonito Seasoned with Salt Only) Donburi
- Reimen (Cold Chinese Noodles)
- Kawa Udon (Japanese Rice Noodles with Green Laver Kneaded in)
- Unagi Donburi (Eel on a Bowl of Rice)
- Mom's Home-Made Tokoroten (Agar Noodles)
- Tosa-maki (Tosa Roll ) Sushi
- Mizuna (Potherb Mustard) Salad & Spinach Omelet
- Mizuna no Shiraae (Potherb Mustard Salad with Tofu dressing & Mizuna Stir-Fry
- Tofu Steak
- Broiled Chicken with Moromi-miso Glaze
- Kohada chirashi-zushi and Boiled Black Sea Bream
- Sweet & Sour myoga pickles, myoga tempura, myoga with sumiso dressing
- Sweet & Sour myoga pickles - Day 2 -
- Special Donabe Dinner
- Grilled Yellowtail
- Oden (Japanese HotchPotch) cooked in Slow Cooker
- Wild Boar Meat Miso Soup
- Ikura Donburi (Seasoned Salmon roe on a Bowl of Rice)
- Kaki Mizore Nabe (Hotpot Dish with Oysters and Grated Daikon)
- Unorthodox Osechi at My Parents 2006
- Rice Porridge, but not Nanakusa-gayu
- Project Mochi vol. 2 Mochi-Mentaiko-Cheese-Shiso Rolls
- Nabeyaki Udon (Udon Noodles Cooked in a Hotpot)
- Kakiage-don
- Obachan's Quasi-Kaiseki #2

My Faves in Kochi

Yosakoi Festival
Yosakoi Festival - My Article
Yosakoi Festival (photo slideshow) 2008
Yosakoi Festival 2007
Yosakoi Festival 2006
Yosakoi Festival
Yosakoi Festival Day 1 - Part 1 -
Yosakoi Festival Day 1 - Part 2 -
Yosakoi Festival Day 2 - Part 1 -
Yosakoi Festival Day 2 - Part 2 -

Autumn Festival in My Hometown
Shiina Arai-mikoshi 2009
Shiina Arai-mikoshi 2006

The Sunday Market (Kochi City)
The Sunday Market
I Love the Sunday Market
The Killer Imoten (Batter-fried Sweet Potatoes)
Sunday Market in June
Sunday Market in October

Kochi Castle (Kochi City)
Autumn Leaves at Kochi Castle
Katsurahama Beach and Kochi Castle
Plum Blossoms at Kochi Castle
Cherry Blossoms at Kochi Castle
Cherry Blossoms near Asahi Royal Hotel and Yozakura at the Castle
Oshiro Matsuri (Historical Fair at the Castle)

Other Places to visit
Hirome Ichiba Market
Macou's Bagel Cafe
Brewery Tour at Takagi Shuzo
Carp-Shaped Streamers across the River in Towa Village
Tosa Washi Village "Kuraudo" (Cour aux dons) - Part 1 -
Tosa Washi Village "Kuraudo" (Cour aux dons) - Part 2 -
Ino-Cho Paper Museum

Other cultural and religious events/festivals (Kochi Prefecture)
Kagamigawa Matsuri (Kagami River Festival)
Ino Daikoku Festival
Fire-Walking at Kohoji Temple
Momote-sai Festival in Yasu
Halloween Party at Hirome Ichiba
Tosa-Style Castnetting - Part 1 -
Tosa-Style Castnetting - Part 2 -
Manga Festival - Part 1 -
Manga Festival - Part 2 -
Ryoma Festival