Saturday, September 25, 2004


Curried Pork Obachan’s version

OK, I got tired of working on the computer almost non-stop all day like yesterday and the day before. I needed to do something to brighten up and get stimulated in a totally different way. I know what. Trying a new recipe usually works well in this kind of situation.

Last weekend, I got inspired by a post about curried pork in JMom’s Our Kitchen. Since then I had been waiting for a good chance to try it myself, but it just didn’t happen during the week. This week was a kind of hectic one with 2 national holidays and one job interview, so my mind was constantly occupied with a lot of different things. And today, something inside of me finally told me to give it a GO. :)

What I like about making this kind of curry is the process of mincing garlic. What I don’t like is mincing onions (and you know why). Anyway, I basically followed JMom’s recipe but used less oyster sauce and a little more coconut milk. I also added a little chicken stock (frozen) because I needed to make some empty space in my freezer. Then, like she did, I used the basil from my balcony garden.

Actually, my curry didn’t have as much meat and vegetable as JMom’s , but it tasted just fine. For lunch today, I heated up the frozen “banana rice” (leftover from the other day) and had it with the curried pork. It was not bad, except that I didn’t smell banana at all this time. Maybe frozen food cannot keep its original scent very well? For supper, I had the curried pork again with some long-grain rice as in the photo above. This was even better! It wasn’t too spicy to my tongue, but my whole body felt very warm after meal. It was definitely a stimulating experience!

P.S. For supper, I had a bowl of green salad, too.


JMom said...

Hi Obachan, your version looks very yummy! I do so love curry, especially when the weather starts to cool off, or when you just want some comfort food. Almost feels like a good hug :)

obachan said...

Hi JMom,

Here, too, many people love curry & rice, especially kids. If you’re interested, this site describes how much we love curry in Japan.