Friday, October 08, 2004

Carrot Custard Pie

Carrot Custard Pie

When I bought carrots for yesterday’s dinner, I bought one bag that had 3 big carrots in. I had no other choice --- at the supermarket I went, they had some special sale, 3-for-200 something yen, and didn’t sell carrots individually on that day. So you might think I still have some carrots left today? You’re perfectly right.

What’s your first choice when you have a lot of carrots left? Maybe carrot cake? That’s one good choice. But what comes to my mind first in this kind of situation is: Carrot custard pie.

I found the recipe for the pie in an old cookbook I brought back from the U.S., Women’s Circle for Cooks on the Go (1992). This is a paperback with no colored photo except on its front and back cover, but somehow the recipes inside look so attractive to me. Maybe it’s the magic of the black-and-white illustrations inside? I still have so many recipes to try in this cookbook, and that just fills my life with joy. I mean it.

Though the recipe for this carrot custard pie calls for an unbaked pie shell, I always make a pie shell from Honey Graham Crackers. It’s even better this way!

BTW, this is what I use for making graham cracker crumbs.

Am I hearing laughter …?


JMom said...

No laughter at all, what a great idea! I usually buy pre-made graham cracker crumbs though, just easier. I like the carrot custard idea though, similar to my MIL's grated sweet potato pie recipe.

obachan said...

Yeah, I’d love the pre-made graham cracker crumbs, too, but they’re not available around here. Too bad.
Sweet potato pie! Sounds yummy!

bourgogne said...

my mum has one of those bowls!! i'd like to try to make a carrot custard pie too (it looks so good) but i can't seem to find graham crackers where i live. :(

obachan said...

Does your mum use the bowl-like thing for grinding sesame seeds?
Too bad you can't find the crackers. I guess other type of pie shells would be OK, too, but the one made from graham crackers is tne best for me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, nice.

obachan said...

Hi Chance Zelinski,
This is really nice. My favorite :)