Saturday, October 16, 2004

Obachan's Bloopers (2)

Champon-style ramen noodles in soy milk soup

This is wha I made yesterday. Just from looking at this photo, it’s hard to tell what was actually wrong, but the problem was the taste.
This is how it went wrong….

I like soy milk very much, but a few specific brands only. When I went to the nearest supermarket the day before yesterday, they were out of my favorite brands of soy milk. There was no choice, then. I bought the one I’d never tried before, and I regret that I did. At home, after I tasted the soy milk, I yelled out “Oh No!” and had absolutely no idea what I should do with the 1000ml carton. To me, the taste was just awful.

Perhaps the best thing to do would be using it for cooking and baking. I remembered that I once made "wonton in soy milk soup" before, and it was very good. At that time I used my favorite brand, but if in a soup, different brand shouldn’t matter too much, I thought. So I came up with an idea that takes care of this soy milk and other leftover vegs in the fridge, plus the noodles that were on sale on that day: Ramen noodles in soy milk soup with stir-fried seafood and vegetable on top. Yes, something like "
Champon noodles,” the local specialty of Nagasaki prefecture in Japan.

I made soup using instant chicken-consommé, seasoned it kind of heavily with salt and pepper, then poured in some soy milk, directly from the carton. The taste was nothing marvelous but still OK. Then I poured some more, trying to use it as much as possible so that I can get rid of it sooner. It was another big mistake of mine. When I tried to pour, too much soy milk came out from the carton at once and I couldn’t stop it. It ruined the soup completely. I didn’t taste consommé, salt or pepper. All I could taste was the soy milk that I didn’t like!! I did everything I could think of to fix it, and it got better at the end… but the amount of soup almost doubled. Even with the stir-fried seafood and vegetable on top (I made them rather spicy), and some hot sesame oil I added just before eating, the strong smell and taste of the soy milk bothered me all the way.

And still I have some of the soy milk left…………… sigh. Maybe I should use it for some kind of very sweet dessert, with bunch of spice and/or flavoring extracts.


ting-aling said...

Hahaha Obachan. You really impress me with the way you relate your experiences. You'll be a good book reader to kids when you grow old..a lola or grandmother we call it in the Philippines. You're not yet one, are you?

obachan said...

No, not yet, but getting closer every day :)

Unknown said...

Bloopers lead to masterpieces in the kitchen though. What I love about your blog: you're very adventurous and brave to try new things.
(Your sentimental lunchbox reminded me of the scene in "Totoro" where Satsuki makes Mei a lunchbox...never thought I'd get hungry from watching a cartoon meal.)
Thank you Obachan.

obachan said...

Thanks, drstel. So nice of you to call me “adventurous,” but maybe I’m just reckless. :P
I love Totoro, and my hometown (where my parents live now) looks just like the setting in the film. I wasn’t such a good elder sister like Satsuki, though.

Unknown said...

Wow! so happy that there are still areas like daughter and I were wondering this when we first saw the movie (we have re-viewed it dozens of times since).Someday we plan to visit and look for the large camphor tree. happy experimenting.