Saturday, October 23, 2004

Orange Tart

Orange Tart

My chocolate cake was finally gone yesterday, so I was all ready for something new today. Something that uses some fruit and doesn’t require too much whipping. Actually I could take a break from cakes for a while.

Today, in my good old Women’s Circle for Cooks on the Go (1992), I found an attractive pear pie recipe. But the pears (La France) I bought this morning were as hard as rocks. So I decided to give them some days to get ripe, and instead picked an orange tart recipe on the net.

I couldn't wait 'till I finish photo-taking

This was actually my very first time making the tart shell myself. It wasn’t as difficult as I expected. To my relief, nothing was really difficult or too complicated about making this tart, and this time I didn’t even have to size down the recipe.

The taste wasn’t exactly what I expected --- it was a little too light. Maybe I should have used more grated orange rind or used orange liqueur though it wasn’t included in the recipe, and added more sugar to the filling. The filling was made from almond powder, eggyolk, butter and sugar, but I guess I like custard filling better.

Still I should say that I had a lovely tea time today.
Oh, the flowers in the photos are Japanese knotweed. They’re blooming just everywhere now, and my Japanese friends would probably laugh at me for using them for tea-time decoration.


Ziz said...

It turned out SO beautifully! :D I'm very impressed!

chika said...

really really beautiful! I love almond cream tart :)

obachan said...

> alicat --- Hi. Thanks for dropping by. I like the way it looks, too.
> chika --- Thank you. Next time I’ll work on adding more orangy flavor to the tart.