Saturday, October 30, 2004

Supposed to Be Appetizingly Green, But...

Bacon and Basil Spaghetti

The basil in my balcony garden started turning yellow recently and I thought it’s time to make basil paste (before they all turn yellow). Though I do not have a food processor, I have this traditional and useful equipment

to make the paste with great fragrance that I can enjoy for several weeks (or maybe a couple of months?). Yes, primitive. But this gives me some work to do to kill time when I have nothing else to do, so it's OK. I only make a small amount at one time anyway.

Other than spaghetti, I love potatoes or fish meuniere (is this French, BTW?) with basil paste.
It’s too bad that the beautiful green color of the paste didn’t show much in the photo. Honestly, it was so appetizingly green!!