Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Van Houten Beat the Soy Milk

Chocolate Italian Cream Cake without Italian Cream but with Chocolate Soymilk Frosting

A tireless effort has been made to find a way to use up the soy milk that I don’t like. What I was looking for was a recipe of very sweet cake or muffins that calls for milk or buttermilk. I can replace the milk/buttermilk with the soy milk, right? And the cake/muffins should have a strong flavor that hides the taste and smell of soy milk completely. So the idea I found was:
Chocolate cake recipe that calls for buttermilk .

Fortunately there’s a small can of Van Houten cocoa in my kitchen. It was given to me as a present last spring. I know cocoa is very good for health, but I’m a coffee drinker (or a caffeine addict) and don’t drink cocoa very often, so there’s still a lot left in the can.

I don’t remember if I told you this before but whenever I try recipes, I reduce the amount to half, because I live all by myself and I'm the onlyl one to eat up whatever I make. My friends here are always, ALWAYS on a diet, or what they call puchi(petit)-danjiki (short-term fasting ?) which is popular in Japan now, so they would NEVER share the dessert I make. I understand the effects of fasting when it’s done properly, but the way my friends are doing is like just stop eating for several days, without taking any vitamin or other supplements, then hog bunch of fatty junk foods all day, and go for another round of fasting…. I really doubt if this is doing them any good.

Anyway, I reduced the amount of the ingredients as usual, then the amount of soy milk I needed was just 1/2 C. Hmmmm…not much, but better than nothing, of course. I wondered if I could use some more soy milk in frosting, too. Then Uncle Phaedrus answered me with this
recipe of chocolate buttermilk frosting. Also not much, but better than nothing.


The cake turned out much lighter than I expected and it was good because the frosting was pretty sweet.
And more than anything: No smell or taste of the soy milk AT ALL! (^^)b

I’m very satisfied with the result, but I don’t think I can eat much at one time.
Besides, I’m going to need some extra workout this week, I guess ;)

.... and still I have some of the soy milk left.


pinkcocoa said...

hi Obachan
A lot of my friends and cousins do uchi-danjiki too. It is actually very very bad for the body. I did that a lot too when I was young but not anymore because the more you do it, the harder it is for your body to lose weight. :-)

I always wanted to reduce all the recipe by half but I am afraid to do so because I am worried about the reduction might change the composition of the recipe. Do you just half all the ingredients?

obachan said...

Yes, usually I just half all the ingredients. I guess reducing the recipe is not a recommended idea, and I hope my doing so doesn’t hurt the recipe owners’ feelings. Hope my excuse for doing so is good enough.