Sunday, November 28, 2004

Cabbage Roll

Finally I found a cabbage that cost around 200 yen. So my supper tonight was delightful cabbage rolls : )

To the filling, I just added whatever that looked harmless. Other than ground meat and minced onion, I threw in chopped cashew nuts, dried cranberry, minced shimeji mushrooms, AND some cooked rice. I guess most Japanese people do not put rice in a cabbage roll, but I decided to give it a try after finding so many cabbage roll recipes calling for cooked/uncooked rice as an ingredient. I didn’t feel like using the sticky short-grain rice for this, so I cooked some long-grain rice and mixed in to the filling. Of course I used the chicken stock from the other day for the soup and added some canned tomato puree. Some bacon strips were used to add more flavor.

It was gooooooooood. Next time I might use more herbs in addition to the thyme and parsley I used today.


Fish Fish said...

U know tat day, supermarket near my lab sell 118 yen for a cabbage. Man... people grabbed like crazy. And now, the egg price inflating... :(

obachan said...

118 yen!! :O Gee I wish I were there!! You know, I always think that prices are higher here in Shikoku than in Kansai. But the good thing here is sometimes I can get free vegetables from my parents and people I know…