Friday, December 10, 2004

Grits and Thoughts on My Eating Habits

Instant Grits with Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Bits

I haven’t had grits for more than 2 months, so this morning I went for it. Actually, the sausage in the photo was the one I regretted buying. It was a big, cheap sausage on sale, and tasted so cheap with very cheap spiciness. I just wanted to finish it somehow and mixing with grits was a pretty good idea.

This morning I thought that maybe it’s time to think about changing my eating habits a little. I have been having Western-style breakfast for more than 20 years. The reason is that I’m a caffeine addict and HAVE TO have a cup of coffee with breakfast EVERY morning. For me coffee is good with almost any kind of Western breakfast, but not with rice and miso soup. So almost every morning I had a toast with margarine, thinking that it was healthier than using butter. I even replaced butter with margarine when baking sweets.

Last year I found an article on the net about how terrible trans fat is, and since then I quit using margarine and switched to butter. But I’m not 100% happy about using butter all the time. Especially now that my daytime work is an office work instead of the manual labor at a noodle factory (which I did until last year.) How I wish that they start making trans-fat free margarine in Japan!!

So the new eating habit I have in mind is taking a break from butter at least 2 days a week (not limited to breakfast). For my breakfast I might use soft margarine in a tube once or twice a week (I heard soft margarine is slightly better than stick margarine) and have rice-and-miso soup breakfast at least once a week. I’ll have to find a way to somehow enjoy coffee after Japanese-style breakfast. Maybe I should go back to my old habit of eating oatmeal for breakfast more often.

Yeah, I become a little more health-conscious than usual at this time of the year. Flue season and allergy season are coming soon, you know, and the Izakaya is going to be extremely busy with bonenkai (end-of-year parties). My blood pressure was top of the normal range at the end of last year. Hope I can survive this toughest season of the year again...


obachan said...

Yeah, I stayed in Mississippi and I loved it there. Actually I’m thinking that some kind of Japanese seasoning (or ingredients) might go with grits. I’ll post it if I come up with a great invention.

JMom said...

LOL! Yeah, you've lived in the South alright. Where do you get grits in Japan?

obachan said...

A friend of mine (Japanese) gave it to me as a souvenir :) Otherwise it’s really difficult to get grits in this prefecture. As far as I know, there’s one Japanese online shop that has grits, but they take bulk orders only so I’ve never tried.

Ms One Boobie said...

Hi.. Obachan.. :)
I have to say... my breakfast is very predictable too.. sandwich and hot chocolate .. the light version ones... and garlic spread.. :)
I rarely eat oatmeal.. or never.. since my secondary school days.. hate oatmeal.. coz' my mom made us eat it everyday.. before school.
But once in a while.. if time permits.. i'll have a big breakfast.. by making ham and mushroom omelette.
And wat is grit..??

obachan said...

I'm going to post more about grits soon. Stay tuned ;)