Thursday, December 16, 2004

Lazy Day

Pan-fried Chicken with Orange Sauce

Today was my complete day off. I felt kind of heavy (maybe because of the allergy medicine ?), so I decided to postpone my grocery shopping and stay in my apartment all day. It was easy to decide what to cook today because I knew the chicken and leftover orange half in the fridge needed to be used ASAP. My choice was pan-fried chicken with orange sauce --- pretty straightforward combination, don’t you think? I didn’t follow any recipe…I didn’t even google on the net for a recipe. All I used was salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, orange (slices and juice), butter and dried herbs, and it turned out OK.

Yesterday someone brought bunch of green vegetables (from her own vegetable garden, I guess) to our office to share. This was my share of the vegs.

My supper tonight was very healthy miso-soup based nabe with lots of greens, pork and atsuage (deep-fried tofu.)

Yeah, I admit that I pretty much goofed off today. The only productive thing I did was taking off almost all the leaves/flowers/flower buds from my blueberry. I had to do so because my dear blueberry is now affected by leaf rust :( Hope it'll survive this winter and bloom again in the coming spring.

Well, so, I got rested, had lots of vegetables, and I’m going to bed early tonight. I should be full of energy and feel like a brand-new person tomorrow morning (hopefully.)


obachan said...

Thanks. Traditionally we don’t add fruit to main dish either, but I guess it’s changing, especially when it comes to meat dish. I don’t care for pineapple chunks in sweet & sour pork very much, though.

Ms One Boobie said...

Ahhhhhh.. wat a good idea.. :) I love orange flavoured anything.. and i love chicken.. :) will try it sometime soon.. :)
Hope you feel better too.. :)

obachan said...

Oh, thanks for leaving so many comments! Hope you’re not exhausted now.
I’m feeling much better today, getting a lot of things done ;)