Thursday, December 23, 2004

Macou's Bagel Cafe

I forgot the name of this bagel sandwich, but it was good.

Today is a national holiday here and I was stupid enough to forget about it and decide to do end-of-year gift shopping today. Even in this underpopulated city, it was so crowded everywhere I went. I got so tired and didn’t feel like preparing lunch after going back to my apartment, so I bought this at my favorite bagel place, Macou’s Bagel Café. There they make you a bagel sandwich with the bagel of your choice. My choice was “super onion” bagel today. I love the combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel. But my No.1 favorite is cream cheese on a toasted “cinnamon raisin bagel.” Hmmmm….

Oh, BTW, they have Yomogi bagels at Macou's. How about that ;)

Macou's Bagel Cafe
Ohashi-dori Minami, Kochi city
Open:10:00 - 22:00
Closed on Wed
1 min. walk from "Ohashi-dori" tram stop


Annie said...

Mmmm, bagels and lox. Yummy and no cooking necessary. :) It's so funny how different cultures see the same food. Jewish people in America and Japanese think this is good food, but you should have seen the disgusted expression on the face of a friend from El Salvador when I tried to explain lox and pickled herring! :0

obachan said...

> Jonny --- At that time the only way for me to get bagels was buying some frozen ones at Foreign Buyers’ Club in Rokko Island, Hyogo. (I lived in Kansai at that time.) I heard someone who ate bagels in SF loved it so much and, after coming back to Japan, opened Macou’s in Kagawa pref. The one in Kochi opened in 2002. Yeah, things changed. I’m so happy about this change.

> Annie --- I still remember how disgusted my friends were when I made them try some dried seaweed in Pennsylvania, US. I used to think the cultural barrier in eating habits was very rigid…until I got into foodblogging and found people all over the world who are open to foods from different cultures and enjoy experimenting/adopting new ideas.

Ms One Boobie said...

Hey .. Obachan.. :)
We've got the same taste in bagel.. raisin and cinnamom.. and salmon.. and cream cheese.. YUMS..!!!
And i cannot agree with you more about being rigid with food.. ! During Chloe's birthday.. i made some fried udon.. with tofu.. kailan.. and chicken.. but it took quite alot of coaxing.. before anyone would try it.. *sigh*.. oh well..!

obachan said...

Yeah, that happens… but it feels good if some, or even just one of them liked the food and ask you to make that food again, right?

Ms One Boobie said...

Heheheh..!! ya.. but none asked me.. how to make it.. and they said.. it was so-so.. :( i was so sad.. heh!!