Saturday, December 25, 2004

My Christmas 2004

I had fun….! :D
And I want to share with all of you the fun I had on the day of Christmas this year.

Main dish -- Rosemary Garlic Chicken with Potatoes
To be honest, this was a little disappointment. Though I didn’t put so much, the lemon made the whole dish a little too sour. And the chicken wasn’t very juicy like the one I cooked for Thanksgiving. But I liked the fragrance of rosemary and garlic. Served with buttered rice and lettus & tomato salad.

Now the sweets...

Gingerbread people and maccha cookies

Thumbprint cookies with Cherry Jam in the Center

Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies
Very moist and not too sweet. My favorite.

And Fruitcake!!
I like this... maybe because I didn't put any ingredients that I don't like. Will try again next year!

My Christmas Dinner 2004
These dishes are actually much smaller than you may think from the way they look in the photo, but they were indeed all over my small Kotatsu table. This sure made me feel like a very rich woman.
It was wonderful to have dinner with the candle light.

And here it is...

The Gingerbread house!
I learned a lesson this year... Some decorations should be done before assembling.

Well, thanks for reading and

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

*** Merry Christmas ***


cooknengr said...

Obachan, nice dinner and photo work. No dinner guest ? I am doing my dinner party this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a really nice dinner. Everything looks delicious. The gingerbread house looks beautiful. Happy Holidays, lance

Question Mark said...

Merry Christmas Obachan!!!

Phan and Dennis

obachan said...

> Jonny --- Well, the air-conditioner I have is very old and the power bill goes sky high if I use it too often, so I use Kotatsu as much as possible.

> cooknengr --- Yeah, no dinner guest. Now I have to eat all these sweets myself…. No more baking for the rest of the year, I suppose.

> lance --- Happy holidays to you, too. The problem is I can’t even think about breaking the gingerbread house down and eat it. I saw many pics of gingerbread house on the net, heavily decorated with chocolates, candies, cookies etc. etc. on thick icing…. Do people actually eat them?!

obachan said...

Hi Phan
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

ting-aling said...

Did you ever have fun!

obachan said...

Hey, the most fun part was taking pics with the candle light. The candle was too tall so when I got the whole candle in the photo, the food looked too small. I tried different angles and positions, and almost burned my camera and/or fingers.

obachan said...

Hi Spottiswoode,
Thanks. This time I learned a lesson…Maccha cookies don’t taste good for more than a day or two. Baking them several days before Christmas was certainly a bad idea. Anyway, with my recipe, I thought maccha cookie balls tasted better than the ones cut into shapes. I guess the baking time in my recipe could be too long for other people…My oven is so small and has weak heating power. BTW, glad to hear that you liked Izakaya ;)

Fish Fish said...

Oh~ Obachan, so great to be back to read ur blog with such a great post. The last pic ginger house was the one u mentioned be4 right? It looks really cute. Too cute to eat it actually. Kekeke...

Unknown said...

hi obachan, i love your photos, so serene and comforting. your gingerbread house is the most beautiful. also, the uncaked sushi looks delicious.
another must try!

Ms One Boobie said...

No company.. obachan..??!!!?? Arrrghhhhhhhh.....!! :(
But as usual.. food looks great.. !! i hope you had a good christmas.. and a happy new year.

obachan said...

> drstel --- Thanks. I really feel rewarded because I did make some struggles. Now every time I look at those photos, I feel so much comfort and peace. I’m glad I did all that for Christmas this year …. the memories are making me feel richer than I ever expected.

> MrsTweety --- It was a good Christmas after all. No big parties, but I did have some fun with a friend and also relaxed, quiet time alone with lots of yummies. So can’t complain. Luckily I found someone to give some of my leftover cookies, too.

obachan said...

> fish fish --- Welcome back! Enjoyed the white Christmas with lots of snow? Now it's really a problem... seriously, I can't eat the gingerbread house. I can't stand seeing it being broken into pieces....