Thursday, March 03, 2005

White Stew??

White Stew or Cream Stew?

Honestly, I’m not sure what I should call this. White Stew? In Japan, we call this “Cream Stew” --- that’s what it says on the package of the roux.

Anyway, when I found all these vegs at discount, I felt as if they were all pushing me to make this dish.

In addition to the discounted vegs, I added scallops, corns and onions. Good way to increase my taurine and aspartic acid intake, right? I really needed to recharge myself today...

It was a nice day off today, after all. I did have a little exercise, walking along the river (in the rain). Also I painted a watercolor, which I haven’t done for months!

Now I’m going to take a sip of nice white wine and go to bed early.
Good night.


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest "cream of", as in "cream of mushroom soup", yours could be cream of veggies with scallops. But now I think that "cream of" implies tiny, chopped up veggies. So how about a "chowder"? It's a scallop chowder or seafood chowder. Yummmm, I'm originally from Boston and I *love* chowder. [ defines chowder as a "dish made of fresh fish or clams, biscuit, onions, etc., stewed together" but I believe there's an additional implication of some milk involved.]

In any case, I have to stop reading your blog before I've had breakfast, because now I'm really hungry and want some chowder! 

Posted by Amanda

Anonymous said...

Discount veggies are the best!!! (^_~)V Oh, I have two packets of heat-and-serve white stew..or was it cream stew.. that I bought on sale in the pantry. I need to try it!  

Posted by foodpocket

Anonymous said...

obachan! please teach me how to make this dish!!!! looks lovely.


Posted by onlyyu

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy obachan.. :) and i love that you put scallops in it.. i love scallops.. or mussels.. ;)  

Posted by MrsT

Anonymous said...

Your scallop cream stew look so warming after a nice walk in the rain. Talk about contentness. BTW, your watercolor of your hometown looks nice. I would have never thought about the ocean looking empty until you mentioned it. 

Posted by lance

Anonymous said...

I saw the painting!You are so talented, obachan!:) 

Posted by Min

Anonymous said...

Ohayo-gozaimasu, Obachan...I stumbled across your blog from a link on another site and am so happy to have found it! This is fabulous. I lived in Kagohsima btw. 2001-2003 as a teacher at GEOS. I'll be checking back regularly. 

Posted by Sarah

Anonymous said...

> Amanda --- Welcome and thanks for your comment :) Oh, you’re from Boston! A Japanese friend of mine who had lived there for a couple of years told me how much she loved the seafood chowder there. I really wish I could visit there someday and taste it!

> foodpocket --- Glad to find another discount veggies lover (^▽^)

> onlyyu --- Oh it’s really easy if you use a store-bought roux like I did this time. (I'll post the pic. of the roux.) I chopped up veggies, sautéed them with scallops with butter, seasoned with salt and pepper, added water and boiled until the potatoes were done, then added the roux. If you make the roux yourself, it’d taste even better.

> MrsT --- Oh mussels would be nice, too. I wish I could find some here….(but they'd be really expensive.)

> lance --- Thanks for your nice comment :) It’s really encouraging.

> Min --- Thank you so much. Now that I got encouragements from many people including you, I think I'll be painting more often. I've been really lazy.

> Sarah --- Welcome to my blog. I’ve never been to Kagoshima, but heard a lot about Sakurajima-daikon. BTW, Kagoshima-ben is a total foreign language to me.
Hope you come back often :D 

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

hi obachan, Thanks for teaching me how to make them. But i have no idea what's a roux!! haha....sorry but im from Malaysia and Malaysian food is so so different.


Posted by onlyyu

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan, guess what? I recently went to a Jap dept store in Singapore and bought the exact same Jap cream stew packet as you (the one in the picture you took!)

But now, I hv a problem - there are no instructions in English! All I can make out is that I am to add 800ml of water. Can you pl let me know - am I also supposed to add additional 300ml milk or cream? The Jap instructions at the back seem to indicate that I have to add 300ml of milk or cream... but I'm not sure as it is in Japanese so I cld be reading it wrongly!! Pl advise!! 

Posted by spots

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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