Monday, May 23, 2005

Dinner with fish fish and Patrick

On Sat. 21st, I visited Kansai and met fish fish and another blogger, Patrick at the Hub in Kyoto. She already posted about our dinner with better food pics than mine. Thanks fish fish!!

It was my first time meeting Patrick. (Fish fish and I met last January and went to cake buffet together.) He is such a nice guy and a great photographer who loves traveling so much.

Thanks to fish fish's student ID, we had a good discount for this amount of food and drink. Gakuwari! What a sweet word! And this kind person didn’t mind standing in line to order food for us so that the rest of us can stay at the table and enjoy chatting. How nice of you, fish fish! I appreciated it so much.

This is the drink fish fish had first. The succor-ball shaped container was cute. She let me taste it and it was pretty sweet. I didn’t feel the combination was strange, but did think it had too much ice in it.

Patrick’s China Blue. I always love the cool blue color of this drink.

My Ditta Grapefruit. It tasted OK. I didn’t know it had lychee flavor, though.

I didn't take pics of our second drinks. BTW, I thought they increased the amount of non-alcoholic ingredients for the happy hour drinks, especially for the bigger-size (x1.5) ones. Well, maybe, this is a middle-aged woman being picky about this kind of thing ;P But looks like the drinks were strong enough for fish fish to feel the influence of alcohol. She was so cute with her cheeks turning a little red. She said she didn’t drink alcohol for quite a while.

The food there was good, as fish fish had told me beforehand.

Spicy Potato Fries

I liked the bucket-like container and the newspaper-like lining paper (it wasn't a real newspaper).

Prawn Fried Rice

Salmon & Potato Pizza

Yes, I love salmon. But I really wanted to try the mentaiko pizza that fish fish said they used to have and was very good.


This is the one I LOVED the most. With the sauce and mayonnaise, I thought it would be too heavy for me, but oh, no! The taste was just right!

Gorgonzola Gnocchi (sorry, blurred pic.)

To me the gnocchi was surprisingly light. I was expecting very chewy, heavy kind of gnocchi from my experience before, but its texture was fluffier than I thought. The cheese sauce was really salty, so as it cooled I tried to have less and less sauce on each gnocchi when I eat.

Well, fish fish and Patrick, thank you so much for the lovely time. I enjoyed your company very much.
Next time, maybe in Shikoku?? :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful gathering..! 

Posted by MrsT

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your dinner with fish fish and Patrick went so well. Everything looks good but is always made better by good company.... 

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

Obachan ^_^

Tabi wa tsukareta?

Ok, let's make a deal then. If me go Shikoku first, then we meet in Kochi...

But if you come Kansai earlier, then we go Kobe. I'll introduce Angel to you. She knows a lot of good food in Kobe.

Btw, I think I know why I got strange feeling that nite, another reason I think was because of the caffeine in the Kahlua Milk, I didn't know it has coffee inside. -_-"


Posted by fish fish

Anonymous said...

hello obachan

nice meeting you the other day. you have a nice blog. yes, china blue was nice and refreshing. my third time drinking china blue in HUB. hope to see you again in the future. 

Posted by Patrick Leong

Anonymous said...

> MrsT --- Yep. It was fun :)

> carlyn --- That's absolutely right! They are such nice and friendly people.

> fish fish --- Hi! Thanks so much. Kobe sounds great, too! Yeah, I really want to see Angel.
So that night, stimulant and depressant were fighting in your body ne? ;)

> Patrick --- Hey! It was so nice meeting you, too! Hope to see you again sometime.  

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

What is Omu Soba?? I was attracted to this dish and would really love to try it. Maybe i can go to some of the Japanese restaurants in Malaysia to see if they serve this dish. ~Yum yum~

P/s: The pictures look really good. Nice shot!!  

Posted by emotionalistic

Anonymous said...

Hi emotionalistic,
Omu-Soba is basically fried noodles (yakisoba in Japanese) wrapped in a thin omelet. Thus, the name, omu-soba. The white stripes all over on top are mayonnaise. Yum! I don't know if Japanese restaurants in Malaysia serve this dish, though... This may not be a restaurant-type food. If fried noodles were popular over there, it might be easier for you to try it out yourself at home than to look for Japanese restaurants that serve omu soba. 

Posted by obachan