Sunday, May 01, 2005

Fresh Blueberry Pancakes ?

Fresh? Blueberry Pancakes

Well, at least the blueberries were not canned or dried. However, I highly doubt if I could call them really “fresh” after having to throw away almost half of them with mold. The rest looked miserably unjuicy. I’m not going to tell you how much I had to pay for them because that still makes me very unhappy.

Anyway, I made these fresh blueberry pancakes this morning, and I liked them far better than the blueberry pancakes I often make with canned blueberries in syrup.

It was a no-egg recipe that I used for these pancakes and I added a little yogurt to the batter, so this was a rather guilt-free breakfast.

Oh I can’t wait to make fresh blueberry pancakes with blueberries from my balcony garden!


Anonymous said...

Obachan, I will agree whole heartedly that fresh blueberry pancakes are the best. I hope you can have some from your balcony garden soon. 

Posted by Milgwimper

Anonymous said...

Very impressive! It reminds me of good home cooking, American style. 

Posted by jonnyangel

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...those look really nice! Did you make the batter from scratch or from a pancake mix? 

Posted by Tea

Anonymous said...

Yup, the price of blueberries in Japan is shocking. It seems like the berries are alway imported- I wonder why? They've long been popular in Japan, and I don't see why they wouldn't grow well here... 

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan,

The link to your blog isn't crossed out. If you see a cross through the text, that means the link has been visited recently. (You know how sometimes the color changes on the link if this happens? On my blog, the cross through the text happens instead.) Hope you weren't offended! I love your blog! 

Posted by jonnyangel

Anonymous said...

Yummmmy! I put frozen blueberries in my banana bread sometimes but I don't make pancakes very often. You're making me want them, now. I wish my son would help me in the kitchen. :)

I'm so jealous of your balcony garden. My apartment faces north and south and gets no decent light to grow anything at all. :( 

Posted by Annie

Anonymous said...

The pancakes look so good. I've tried using blueberries and my pancakes always get so dark..even with fresh must have been very careful when stirring!!!!!
Do you use maple syrup on them, butter, or just plain?

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

wow these pancakes look utterly delectable Obachan. The blueberries look esp juicy and I could feel them popping.  

Posted by Kristi

Anonymous said...

Blueberries are my spouse's favourite..! my FIL grows them too.. :) and they are cheap here.. compare to japan.. :) but they are not in season yet.. :) 

Posted by MrsT

Anonymous said...

> Milgwimper --- Thank you. Compared to fresh blueberries, canned ones in syrup make pancakes too sweet, I think…

> jonny --- Did you mom make you pancakes for breakfast?

> Tea --- Yes, from scratch. Or more precisely, from a pancake mix that I made myself. Here we don’t have the kind of “pancake mix” you have. All we have is “hotcake mix” which is awfully sweet. So whenever I have time, I make my own pancake mix from a recipe I found on the net and keep it in a big jar.

> Anonymous commenter --- You know, it sucks because some things ARE cheaper when imported… like eels from China, Broccoli from US and matsutake mushrooms from Canada… Why not blueberries? Also, we’ve started growing blueberries in Japan, even in Kochi, and we see locally grown blueberries at Sunday market, too. And still they are as expensive as imported ones. I don’t understand why.

> jonny --- Oh, really? OK, now I see. Don’t worry I wasn’t offended. Just wondering.

> Annie --- I never tried banana bread with blueberries but it sounds yummy, too. Too bad about your apartment facing north and south… I wonder if there’s something you can grow without much sunlight. Mushrooms? Sprouts?

> carlyn --- Oh, that was the only advantage of using those miserably unjuicy blueberries :D I usually use butter and cheap fake maple syrup on them, but this time I used real maple syrup with butter. So they were not really healthy or low-fat breakfast… just “rather guilt-free.” ;)

> Kristi --- They looked juicy in the pancakes, but you didn’t want to see them before they went into the batter…

> MrsT --- I envy you!! 

Posted by obachan