Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mizugashi (Dessert)

水菓子Mizugashi (Dessert)

- 小夏の淡雪かん Gelatin dessert made from Konatsu oranges
Mizugashi literally meant “fruits” in ancient time when sugar was a luxuary thing and most of the “sweets” people had were fruits.
Now, I don’t really know how I should translate Awayuki-kan into English. When I googled, I got some hits with “Awayuki-kan (Nieve ligera),” so there seems to be something similar in other countries.

To make this, I whipped egg whites with sugar, mixed in dissolved gelatin and sweetened konatsu juice (set a little amount of konatsu-juice mixed gelatin aside), whipped some more and poured into a square container. When the meringue part got firm enough, I poured the remaining gelatin all over the make tne 2nd layer on top. After being cooled in the fridge, it came out like this.

I guess I can call this a success. It was so amazingly light, fluffy and refreshing! It just melted in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

How clever .. Obachan..!! i would love this dessert.. :) 

Posted by MrsT

Anonymous said...

you are amazing....all this work ....everything looks so delicious. I'm glad you found use for the oranges.. looks grand.... 

Posted by carlyn

Anonymous said...

> MrsT --- I'm happy with the way this dessert turned out.

> carlyn --- And this dessert is so cost-effective, too ; )  

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Obachan.

"Nieve ligera" means "light snow" in Spanish. Your dish sounds a little like Bavarian cream (gelatin with egg custard); a little like the French floating island dessert (egg whites whipped with sugar) and a little like a chilled soufflee! I think it is a creation all your own.

It looks lovely, and so does your marmalade. 

Posted by A Fellow Baker

Anonymous said...

hi obachan
i see this jelly looks like something my friend before, can you by any chance give me the recipe for this? it looks very nice and i want to learn to make it. 

Posted by d9562591

Anonymous said...

> A Fellow Baker --- Oh, "light snow!" What a nice name. I love it.
Thanks for the info. and the compliment :) This awayuki-kan is one of our traditional sweets which is said to be already available from long time ago. Maybe I should have added a little plum wine to the top layer part...

> d9562591 --- Hi. Welcome to my kitchen! Sure, this is very easy ;) I'll email you sometime soon. 

Posted by obachan