Thursday, June 09, 2005

Domestic Day - Red Beans & Rice with Tomato Cup Salad -

My complete day off. Working on defrosting my freezer since noon. Also made a special meal to celebrate my domestic day: Red beans and rice with tomato-cup salad. Even made a cocktail later, using the plastic“shaker”(looks more like a baby bottle to me) that I bought at a nearby 100-yen shop this morning.

Tomato Cup Salad

Cottage cheese mixed with chopped avocado, seasoned with French dressing stuffed in tomato cups. The minced parsley sprinkled on top is from my balcony garden. BTW, I’m a big cottage cheese lover, if I haven’t mentioned before. Especially love it with soy sauce. (My friends almost throw stones at me for that.)

Red Beans & Rice

Red beans and rice turned out good. Maybe a bit too much tomato flavor… I added the seeds and pulp from those tomato cups. Instead of Creole Seasoning, I always use Lawry’s seasoned pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, paprika and thyme. That's the best I can get here. Even added a little tomato ketchup,too. That’s how I was taught in Miss. USA, so that's not my fault.

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Pina Colada

My first try. A small present to someone who cannot afford a trip to Bahama beach. Making cocktail is so much fun.
Japanese readers, I bet you can tell what flowers I used for this drink? Pathetic idea, ha?

Well, now inside of my freezer looks clean as new. No frost, no mystery packs! The chicken stock I made today is being frozen in there. What does it mean to me?

- - Satisfaction - -
- - Peace of mind - -
(for limited time only.)

Time to take a shower, and some more cocktails afterwards.
Good night ;)


Anonymous said...

Whaaaaaa???? Are you the twin I never knew existed????ha ha ah.... I LOVE Cottage cheese, too....
Any way...any how....hmmmmm. I also had pina coladas at an "ELVIS BLUE HAWAII" party on Sat....a parallel universe??? ha ha.
The red beans and rice look so good. nice spices.!!!!
You should have more days off.... 

Posted by Carlyn

Anonymous said...

cottage cheese and soy sauce??? mmmm gotta try that..
Great idea Obachan. 

Posted by keona

Anonymous said...

If you are Obachan's twin, then I must the the triplet with you ladies. I love Pina Colada and cleaning also gives me a peaceful and relaxed feeling.


Posted by joanna

Anonymous said...

boy that pina colada looked really refreshing!! Unfortunately I am going to have to suffer the consequences of visiting obachan's site during work. How many more #$%^(*! hours left!!  

Posted by kyle

Anonymous said...

> Carlyn --- OMG, do you have a birth mark on your wrist and a half of a broken-heart pendant just like I do? Hahaha… that’s a classic pattern of old Japanese dramas about twins being separated right after birth…
ELVIS BLUE HAWAII party? Sounds cool. ;)

> keona --- I don’t know if you would like it or not. None of my friends seconds me on this issue :P

> Joanna --- OMG, triplet?!!! Hey wait, when did we decide that we’re of the same age? Hahaha..
Anyway, I love Pina Colada and it always reminds me of the song “Escape.”

> kyle --- Easy, easy. The weekend is coming soon :) 

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

obachan, you really know how to enjoy life eh ? 

Posted by Patrick Leong

Anonymous said...

Actually it is my biggest strength, and the weakness at the same time... 

Posted by obachan