Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Because It's Terribly Hot...

Shiratama Dumplings in Mint Liqueur Syrup

Don’t you feel like jumping right into this bowl and swim with these shiratama dumplings?

This dessert was an idea I found in a women’s magazine the other day. The pic looked so terribly attractive that I had to give it a try myself.

The syrup was a mixture of mint liqueur, sugar and water. Buying mint liqueur for the syrup was not a problem. I found it at the liquor store where I bought the marsala wine the other day.

The problem was the filling for the dumplings. The original recipe called for candied (or sugared?) lotus seeds, but I had no idea where I could find them. The ones I found on the net were so expensive. So for half of the dumplings, I used shiroan (sweet white bean paste) for substitution. The rest was left with no filling.

What I learned from this experiment:
1) Shiroan filling does not go with mint liqueur syrup. It makes the minty syrup taste like TOOTHPASTE.
2) Plain dumplings taste better in the syrup than shiroan version, but rather tasteless.

What could be a tasty filling for this dessert? What could go well with shiratama AND mint liqueur? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Obachan, I'd put make a Belgium Dark chocolate custard as filling. Remember cuddling next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate with peppermint snapps in the cold winter night?  

Posted by cooknengr

Anonymous said...


Nice site!! The dumplings looks very good indeed! Am reminded of Tong Yuen. A type of chinese dumpling. Wonder if its the same?

-Makan Kings- 

Posted by Makan Kings

Anonymous said...

The picture look really pretty.. ! bummer it tasted like toothpaste..! what would go well for the filling..?? hmmmm... a peanut paste..?? or sesame..?? 

Posted by Big BoK

Anonymous said...

> cooknengr --- Oh, long time no hear! Thanks for your idea. I’ve never tried hot chocolate with peppermint snapps, but it sounds pretty tempting. I’m gonna look for a recipe of chocolate custard.

> Makan Kings --- I’ve never tried Tong Yuen, either, but it could be something close.

> Big Bok --- Hmmm… peanut paste! Gotta give it a try, too. Thanks!  

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The dumplings look so perfect.....Cool, too.
A filling? Candied walnuts or pecans.? 

Posted by Carlyn

Anonymous said...

what is the shell of the dumpling made from? they looks so, so, fascinating...at first glance, i thought they were little eggs bobbing around in that pool of minty green. glad i was wrong. 

Posted by rae

Anonymous said...

I like black sesame as filling but dunno whether it will go well with the mint liquer. I suppose the mint liquer will always taste like toothpaste anyhow. We like to put screwpine leaves in syrup water to go with dumpling. 

Posted by Rabbit Sim

Anonymous said...

> carlyn --- Hmmm… I think I want something softer for the filling. But thanks anyway for the idea.

> rae --- Well, my creativity doesn’t go THAT far, unfortunately ;)

> Rabbit Sim --- Black sesame paste would be great with shiratama, but I’m not sure how it would be with the minty syrup, either. I have never heard of screwpine before. Wonder what kind of flavor it has.  

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

at first look i thought they were eggs in some sort of blue water. 

Posted by Patrick Leong

Anonymous said...

> rae --- Woops! I forgot. The dumplings are made from Shiratama-ko (Shiratama powder). Basically it is rice powder, but a little different from mochi-ko. Mochi-ko is made by grinding dry rice while shiratama-ko is made by grinding wet rice soaked in water for days, according to some Japanese websites. ( I didn't know that. ) 

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

You can get tang yuan - I saw them in a very small Chinese grocer in Kyoto - the sweet lotus paste inside should mimic the original call for candied lotus seed paste. 

Posted by Theresa

Anonymous said...

Oh, really? Do you remember the name of the Chinese grocer? 

Posted by obachan