Saturday, September 10, 2005

BBQ Chicken & Jambalaya at a Family Restaurant

BBQ Chiken & Jambalaya @ COCO'S

I ate out at a family restaurant last night to celebrate my belated pay day. I had what they called “BBQ chicken and Jambalaya,” which was a little disappointing. And if I was not hallucinating, the what-they-call BBQ chicken on top of the jambalaya looked and tasted like pretty crisp karaage (deep-fried) chicken with a little BBQ sauce poured on. (Well, who can expect to have a real great jambalaya at a family restaurant in Japan anyway. )

As for the drink, I tried something I have never tried before: clausthaler non-alcoholic beer. I didn’t want to drink real beer because I was determined to go jogging afterwards.

Maybe that was not a good plan… I ended up ordering a dessert there, too, thinking that the jogging afterwards would burn the calories.
Dessert: Ice cream with caramel sauce.

I did go jogging an hour after supper, but I’m not sure if it really helped. ;P


Anonymous said...

Looks good>>>>did it taste good? I never tasted non alcoholic beer...was it worth it? ha ha... 

Posted by Carlyn

Anonymous said...

The ice cream looks yums..!
Nvm about the jogging .. ! if i wasn't diabetic.. i would eat it anyways..;)

Posted by Big BoK

Anonymous said...

It was just so-so. I liked the German non-alcoholic beer than some Japanese ones, but it was quite expensive --- apx. US$3 for the 330ml bottle!

Big Bok
The ice cream was OK, but a bit too sweet with the caramel sauce. 

Posted by obachan

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan,

The ice cream with caramel sauce looked good. Too bad it was too sweet. 

Posted by Reid

Anonymous said...

Hi Reid,
It would have been better if the caramel had a little hint of bitterness and/or the ice cream was less sweet... 

Posted by obachan