Friday, October 28, 2005

Black Pepper Scones

This morning I woke up earlier than usual and wanted something different for breakfast. Today is going to be a busy day with both daytime and night-time work, and I thought a “different” breakfast would put me in gear.

Here’s what I just tried out: black pepper scones. The recipe was from “Kantan Scones (Easy Scones)” Dessert Collection Vol.7, from the famous DAISO 100-yen shop cookbook series. My scones turned out too flaky, perhaps because I substituted the milk called for in the recipe with a slightly less amount of soy milk. (I ran out of milk yesterday so there was no other choice. )

They tasted better than they looked, though. I tried them with sour cream as suggested in the book, and persimmon jam as an experiment. I liked them both. The coarsely ground black pepper pretty much warmed me up and woke me up. Wondering where the persimmon jam came from? OK, I’ll post about it soon, but it’d be after I finish making my Halloween party costume. Oh, that reminds me… I have to look for a mincemeat recipe, too. But before anything, I have to finish my laundry this morning...

It’s going to be a busy weekend full of events and ... maybe celebration! ;)


Anonymous said...

A different breakfast indeed! I thought scones should be eaten or rather taste better with clotted cream, not sour cream. I studied in England and learnt about English pastries from my English host parents and friends.

Anonymous said...

Hello Obachan!
This is my first time on your blog...I like it so much!
I'm an italian girl and I'm living in an overcrowded city...I'm so sick of it!
Every time I read your blog I dream a life in a place like's so quiet and peaceful!
A lot of compliments for your yummy recipes...I'll try some of them soon!
You're very creative!



Reid said...

Hi Obachan,

Black pepper scones...sound intriguing. Does it actually have a lot of pepper in the recipe?

KT121 said...

Is this your original recipe,obachan?

Served as a savoury light meal,rather than as a tea-time treat,peppery scones would be quite nice.

I've never bought ready-baked shop scones here.They're very dry and you need plenty of drink to wash it down with!

obachan said...

Amber Amethryne
I’ve heard about clotted cream a lot and it’s one of my dream food actually. It’s something I can’t find around here.

Thanks for stopping by :D It must be hectic to live in a big city and I don’t blame you for wanting to take a break from it. Kochi is indeed a rural place and there’s still a lot for me to discover or re-discover (but it is not necessarily quiet and peaceful all the time, to tell you the truth).

Hi Reid,
The recipe called for 1+1/2 teaspoonful of coarsely ground black pepper for 150 g of cake flour, which looked a bit too much for me. I guess I added much less than that, but I felt pretty warm after eating the scones.

The recipe is from a cookbook, “かんたんスコーン” Dessert Collection Vol.7, from the famous DAISO 100-yen shop cookbook series. Maybe pastry shops and tea shops are cooperating over there and they make scones dry so that you’d want to buy more tea. What do you think? ;)

KT121 said...

>The recipe is from a cookbook "かんたんスコーン"....

Oh,dear!Now I realized I'd written a silly comment!I must have been dozy when I first read this entry.Sorry obachan!

obachan said...

Oh, don't worry about that. My English is usually confusing anyway.

Anonymous said...

You know, your black pepper scones gave me ideas yesterday. I made sardine rolls with a pinch of black pepper and they turned out okay.

obachan said...

glutton rabbit
It was my first time trying, too. ;)

Amber Amethryne
Sardine rolls! That sounds interesting. I wonder if they are something like these.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but mine were actually mackerel puffs rather than sardine rolls. I posted it on my website and sent you an update. Didn't you receive it?