Saturday, October 08, 2005

Broiled Chicken with Moromi-miso Glaze

Tori no Moromi-miso Yaki (Broiled Chicken with Moromi-miso Glaze)

Maybe it’s about time I took a break from the culinary world tour I’ve been enjoying recently. I made a Japanese dinner tonight after coming back from Izakaya work. The entries were: satoimo no nimono (simmered taro), komatsuna no ohitashi (blanched Japanese mustard spinach with bonito flakes) and -- this was the experiment of the day – tori no moromi-miso yaki (broiled chicken with moromi-miso glaze).

Yes, this is the moromi-miso that my colleague gave me the other day. I still have a plenty left, and I’ve been searching for recipes of dressing/glaze that call for moromi-miso. During the net search, I found a good number of Japanese sites that mentioned broiled chicken (or pork) with moromi-miso glaze, and I got tempted. Unfortunately none of those sites had a recipe with the amount of ingredients clearly mentioned, so I just improvised the whole thing. OK, here’s what I did:

First, I sprinkled sake all over the chicken thigh pieces, grilled them in a frying pan, covered, over very low heat. While the chicken was cooking, I mixed about 1 Tbsp moromi-miso with a little sake, sugar and mirin. I needed to make the miso a little sweeter because, as I mentioned in the previous post, it was pretty salty--- a lot saltier than regular moromi-miso.

When the chicken pieces were almost done and looked golden brown, I took them out from the frying pan, spread the moromi-miso glaze on top (skin side), and this time put them in the toaster oven to brown the miso glaze until I smelled its appetizing aroma. The chicken was served with a pinch of ground sansho pepper and a slice of sudachi orange on top.

It was good. I’m glad that I tried. Sometimes my improvisation (or gamble) does seem to work ;)

* If you're wondering what exactly moromi-miso is, I'm going to do a little research on the miso soon and add an explanation here, so please wait.


Anonymous said...

It looks so delicious! I also love your plates :)

OsloFoodie said...

I know for sure I would simply love this dinner assemby, Obachan. I think there is just something so simple yet appetising about Japanese food.

Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely scumptious..!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, what coincidence! I was flipping through some cookbooks for chicken recipes just before I checked out your recent entry. Your broiled chicken looks yummy...

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, that looks great! I can never be bothered with sato-imo, as the peeling and preparation are such a bother. But yours look great!
I've been on a real miso kick lately, marinating and glazing fish and pork with it. I hadn't thought of chicken but you've inspired me to try it. Thanks!

boo_licious said...

That looks great Obachan. I love miso and have a pack of white miso in my fridge so this sounds like something I can try.

KT121 said...

Obachan this dinner looks so yummy...Just by looking at the pics,I could almost smell the heavenly miso-aroma!

I've got some miso in the fridge so I might make something with it.Thanks!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Dear Obachan,
Your food blog looks great and yummy!
I enjoy going through your culinary pages...

obachan said...

Thanks. They are all from 100-yen shop (similar to one dollar shop).

I’m happy to hear that someone living so far away loves Japanese food so much. We really need to have someone invent an email service that we can attach foods to send to each other.

Big Bok
Yeah, the chicken was good.

Yep! ;)

Amber Amethryne
Actually I wanted to burn the miso a little more…

To tell you the truth, I bought the already-peeled satoimo. You know the ones in a plastic bag packed with water? They’re horrible, IMHO. But I was too lazy that day. Miso+pork combination is my fave, too.

Oh, sounds good. They say here that a pinch of ground red pepper or a little mustard would give a nice kick to white miso. Have fun!

I really should have burned the miso just a little more…

Rosa’s Yummy Yums
Welcome to my site! :D I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hope you keep coming back.