Sunday, October 16, 2005

Poached Pears

Poached Pears

Today I found an European pear, La France on sale. The price was down to 1/5 of the original price because the pear had a big bruise almost turning brown, and the rest was rock-hard. Usually I never buy this kind of pear no matter how cheap it is, because I can't stand a rock-hard pear, but this time was different. I knew it was a perfect chance to try out the recipe I saw on crystal’s site. So I bought the half-rotten pear and a cup of vanilla ice cream and hurried home (I mean, my apartment).

This was easy to make and tasted so heavenly, even though I accidentally added a few drops of almond essence before I realized the mistake and added more than enough vanilla extract. (They were in very similar bottles and I didn't bother to read the labels.) :P

Mmmmmm….. I’m speechless.


Sara, The Wine Makers Wife said...

Don't you just love finding treasures like that in the market? Something no one else wants, but you have a perfect reason to buy it? I admit, I get a little self concious at the market when I browse the discounted vegtable table. Its such a big "no-no" in cooking, BUT if you do excatly what you did, used it that day, and poached it- its a wondeful thing. Still... I live in a very expensive neighborhood, but I have a tiny budget. I worry the stay at home mothers with their versace bags feel sorry for me. But, then again, I don't care. I normally buy regular produce not discounted anyway. Ha Ha, sorry for the rant! Wonderful reciepe , I will have to get around to making this osmetime.

Anonymous said...

Obachan, this looks so delicate, I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks... (I'm sure the almond extract worked well too ;)) I can't wait to try pear recipes, they are everywhere now!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Your pears look awesome. I have to tell you, I met a Japanese guest that's staying at the bed and breakfast that I cook for, and she brought me a bag of something called "Corn Chocolate" as a thank you for a cooking lesson that I gave her. Have you ever heard of this stuff? I tasted it, and it's kind of like white-chocolate-covered-popcorn-cereal-stuff. It's pretty good!

obachan said...

Yep, I love it. I wonder what it’s like to live in a very expensive neighborhood, because I’ve never been in one myself. But I guess whatever you feel at the supermarket, you are on top of the world the moment you put a heavenly tasting food – like this poached pears with ice cream – in your mouth, and no one can take away the joy from you! :D

The first photo I saw on your site was the one of 3 poached pears. I still clearly remember the shock I felt when I saw it. It was amazing that peeled pears can look that gorgeous in a photo. I can tell how excited you are about trying pear recipes. Good luck!

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for sharing that recipe! When I was in the States I really loved American pears, and I miss them so much here in Japan. I was happy when they started selling La France here, but looks like it’s the type that needs to be ripened till they turn yellowish. And what’s annoying is sometimes I get ones that are rock-hard even after they turn yellow (and expensive!). But with this recipe, no more fears! ;)
I think I’ve tried the chocolate thing that you mentioned, though I’m not sure how it was called. Yeah, I like it, too.

glutton rabbit said...

Bachan, I couldn't help laughing when read about yourself, excited, running home with that half rotten pear ...sorry. The dessert you made looks really yummy. I've never tried pears cooked in such away before...

obachan said...

Hi glutton rabbit,
This was really yummy. I'm so happy that I found this recipe.