Thursday, October 20, 2005

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

Crispy spring rolls are my all-time favorite. They are also great for using up leftover veggies in the fridge because you can basically roll up almost anything --- at your own risk --- and deep fry.

For the first batch, I used bean sprouts, carrots, ground meat (seasoned and sauteed), asparagus and shiitake mushrooms for the filling. Forgive me if the combination sounded weird to you. They needed to be used up, and I chose spring roll to use them up because there was another thing I wanted to make using the wrappers.

OK, here’s my experiment. Someone said on TV the other day that natto-kimchi spring roll was great, and he recommended it to all natto-phobic people. The idea of hiding the odor/taste of natto with kimchi sounded like a good idea to me, so I gave it a try.

Mmmm… I can give this 7.5 out of 10. Though I tasted natto a little, its texture and smell didn’t bother me almost at all. The crispy skin really helped. This may not be a “cure” for natto-phobia, but it did bring me one step closer to that highly nutritious food full of Nattokinase.

Feel like going for a beer right now ? ;)


Anonymous said...

The spring rolls look great and they don't even look as though they have been deep fried. I love natto, so I wouldn't care if the taste were strong....

OsloFoodie said...

Obachan, your spring rolls really look great. I have never eaten natto but I would like to try one day. I saw a program on Norwegian tv one time encouraging Norwegians to eat natto, "try natto, it's good for you", the program said :).

KT121 said...

You're natto-phobic,obachan???
I used to dislike that beany texture but after trying my mum's temaki-zushi with shiso&finely chopped natto,I became a fan and now I can't get enough of it!

Your spring rolls look yummy....I also like mine dipped in sweet chilli sauce.

Anonymous said...

Your spring rolls look too good to eat, Obachan. We Malaysians have them with chilli sauce.

Anonymous said...


Honestly speaking, I never try natto or even taste it really but they said that in Japan it is known as "meat, grown in a field, without detriments of meat."

Well, sounds very interesting food but your spring roll looks yummy. I keep in mind once I visit Japan, will have to try Natto :)


Anonymous said...

I have always liked natto with kimchi. I once made an omu-natto-kimchi and it was good. Now I can eat them rolled in a spring roll too. Thanks for the idea.

Sara, The Wine Makers Wife said...

what di dyou fry them in? and what was the dipping sauce you used? Just simple soy sauce? Your making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

Obachan - I've never even thought of natto with kim chee! Looks I have something for those real quick meals...natto-kim chee rice, now how good does that sound! Beautiful spring roll BTW - looks perfect.

cooknengr said...

Did you seal the spring roll like an envelope ? ie using saliva :)

Fish Fish said...

Oops, obachan, you been tagged by me. :P Please do it ok. ;)


obachan said...

Oh you are one of those natto lovers. Lucky you.

It is true that natto is good for health. It has an enzyme called nattokinase which can dissolve blood clots. I heard that some food is effective in preventing the formation of thrombus, but only nattokinaze can prevent and also dissolve it after it is made. So I understand the value of natto, but it’s not easy for me to enjoy it. I hope the TV program you saw introduced some friendly recipes that make natto easier for people to eat. Just saying “Eat it” can be cruel… :O

Maybe I shouldn’t say “phobic,” because I can force myself to eat when it’s really necessary. And I even have the feeling that I might like it if I could find a right recipe for me. Many of my friends love natto temaki. I’ve tried it once at an izakaya type place, and I didn’t really care for it. I’m sure they were not as good at making natto-maki as your mom.

Amber Amethryne
Oh, another vote for chilli sauce. :D Yeah, it must be good.

I guess all the good things they say about natto is true. It would be at least a quite interesting experience when you would try natto. ; )

Anonymous commenter
Omu-natto-kimchi! I think I’ve heard of it somewhere. I’m glad you liked the idea of spring roll.

I used canola oil to deep-fry them and the dipping sauce was the mixture of soy-sauce and vinegar.

I saw someone ranking natto-kimchi rice as the No.1 favorite on a Japanese natto-recipe site.
I’m happy with the way my photos turned out this time, BTW. The spring rolls do look better than what they actually were.

Ayeeeeeee…. Do you do that???!! Gosh I have to be careful when you’d invite me to eat your spring rolls. ;)

fish fish
Oh? Another meme? OK. I’ll come right away.

Evil Jonny said...

Mmmm, so oishi, but maybe not four.. my stomach can't take it!

glutton rabbit said...

Bachan! Your springrolls look great. I would love to try the first batch but not the one with natto and kimchi. I am not fond of natto...icky sticky...

Reid said...

Hi Obachan,

After the natto and bacon spaghetti, I think I'll pass on the natto kimchi spring rolls. =)

Joycelyn said...

hi obachan, those springrolls are the very picture of golden perfection...they also sound very intensely flavoured!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I ate nattou-kimchi the same day as you! Nothing fancy like in spring rolls, just as-is.

Pairing nattou with other strong, stinky foods like kimchi or cheese helps reduce nattou's stinkiness, and cooking will get rid of most of the sliminess. Have you tried nattou cheese toast?

obachan said...

Evil Jungle Prince
What? You can’t take just four tiny spring rolls? Come on!

glutton rabbit
I understand that. But I have the feeling that this might turn into another funny project for me, so I’ll probably keep trying different natto recipes…

I don’t blame ya. ;)

Yeah, intensely… sort of. : )

Wow, synchronicity! :D
I’ve heard a LOT about natto chesse toast. Natto lovers say that it’s heavenly, but I’ve been reluctant (or afraid) to try it. But you know what? I’ve decided to turn this into another crazy project of mine. I’m going to try -- on an irregular basis -- various natto recipes that people recommend to natto beginners (or natto-haters) and see if I bump into the one that I really love. I'll put natto cheese toast on the list of what I should try ;)