Friday, November 11, 2005

Another New LOOK

Fujiya LOOK Chocolate "和(Wa) La Mode" Version

I certainly do not work for Fujiya, but, I know. This is my second post on Fujiya LOOK chocolate. I don’t know why… maybe it’s the package design that always attracts my attention?? Anyway, I found this at a supermarket yesterday and again couldn’t resist the temptation, especially with the word “limited-time only.”

This time, it’s an assortment of four kinds of flavors that are very Japanese. The flavors of the cream fillings were: kurogoma (black sesame seeds), kinako (soybean powder), matcha (ground green tea) and yuzu citrus. On the package it says “Wa (和 Japanese) La Mode” instead of “A La Mode.”

An interesting try indeed, but to me all of these tasted just so-so. I like their fruit-flavored cream and nuts cream versions much better.


bourgogne said...

i love the japanese packaging of things (even tho they can often be environmentally unfriendly) and the NAMES of their products. this one would get MY attention too telling me to LOOK :-) i always wondered if green tea would go well with chocolate and thought those two would probably clash. the japanese can be so bold with their food and snack "experiments" and i really like that. like i bet at some point, there was like an umeboshi (pickled sour plum) ice cream or even chocolate. (i've heard they have umeboshi chips which i think would be YUM.) of course, sometimes they are disastrous combinations of flavors but hey they tried!

Anonymous said...

Did you delete an entry ?? I thought there was an entry after the 8th, but it's gone from my screen .... spooky.
God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

obachan said...

The combination of matcha (ground green tea) and chocolate is not uncommon in Japan and they don’t really clash...they actually contrast and complement each other pretty well, in my opinion. I’ve tried a few kinds of chocolate-coated matcha cakes like this and this, and I liked them. I guess they are making efforts to use recyclable materials for packaging rather than simplifying the packaging itself. And the names… well I guess we are providing English speaking people with some fun, right?

Glad that you mentioned ice cream. Maybe I should post about this someday, but we do have very adventurous ice creams in Japan and here in Kochi. Take a look at this site. It’s an ice cream shop in the northernmost island of Japan and the illustrations there will tell you what kind of ice creams they sell. Natto, tofu, wasabi, sea urchin, crab, buttered potato, umeboshi, sake, beer… I’m not kidding. They do sell those ice cream. And here in Kochi, we have yakinasu (grilled eggplant) ice cream and myoga ice cream, too!! Aren’t we creative (or desperate?)! LOL

Evil Jungle Prince
Mmmm, there’s something you cannot buy in California? You have to come to Kochi someday and experience lots of yuzu-flavored dishes… AND hot bath with yuzu floating.

Christine in LA
Yep, I deleted it. I wrote that entry when I made a delist request to BlogShares support just to prove that I was the one who made the request. They removed my site from the game immediately so I thought that entry was not necessary any more.

Yeah, why don’t you ask your mom. It’s a limited-time offer! About the taste…Maybe it’s just me. They are not really bad… (but kinako version was rather disappointing. I didn’t taste much kinako.)

Anonymous said...

Obachan - is this one of 'winter limited' ones? I'd love to try, but I might prefer the old one like you (can you still get it?) Speaking of Fujiya, my all time favourite was Milky chocolate...

obachan said...

Hi keiko,
The package says "期間限定" but I couldn't find any information about how long the 期間 will be.
I think the old version with fruit cream (in yellow package) is still available.
Oh, Milky chocolate is my favorite, too! :d

obachan said...

I wish I could send you a box of LOOK chocolate. I wonder how you'd like them. ;)