Monday, November 21, 2005

Just to Warm You Up

Chicken and Vegetable Soup??

It has been pretty cold for the past couple of days, and the pic of the ice cream in my last post was giving me a chill every time I saw it, to be honest. So, here’s more “seasonally correct”shot of my supper last night. (Uh…maybe not really correct for those living in the Southern hemisphere?) This is just a soup with whatever ingredients which were available in the kitchen yesterday. Nothing fancy, but at least, this is much more authentic than the retort pouch stuff I often depend on, I suppose.

I used the chicken stock I made from chicken carcass (roasted ;)) and herbs from my balcony garden. To add some flavor, I used fresh tomatoes and a little wine. And more than anything, this was simmered for several hours to make all the ingredients really soft and tender. (Tell me, what's the difference betw. "soft" and "tender"?)

What can be more heart-warming than hearing the sound of simmering food on a cold November evening? :)


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious ... do you have a slowcooker? When I still worked, I would often set something in the cooker, before leaving for the bank, then come home to a meal, ready to be put on the table ... especially good on cold and/or rainy evenings, and we do get a few of those, in SoCal. Good to read with you.
God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

Diary of Kay El said...

Hi. I came across your blog from Umami's blog. Is it OK if I link you?

Thank you.

Thaaniya said...

Aaaahhh.. good 'ol home cooked comfort food. Healthy too. I should have more meals like that.

Annie said...

Hi, Obachan! To clarify for you, "tender" usually implies that the item still has some firmness to it, while "soft" usually means something a little closer to textureless.

Anonymous said...

What annie says is true, but they're words that are often used together too, at least in my experience.

boo_licious said...

That looks like wonderful comfort food. We don't really get cold weather but it has been raining quite a bit so the weather has been colder than normal. I must buy ingredients to make this tmrw nite.

obachan said...

Christine in LA
Slowcooker! That’s exactly what I want! I thought about buying one last winter but couldn’t, and then forgot about it as it got warmer. Now it’s perfect timing to start looking for one. Thanks for reminding :D

Diary of Kay El
Welcome to my site :D Of course it’s OK to link. I feel flattered. Thanks!

Don’t we all crave for comfort food once in a while? I think I’m really going for a slowcooker to have this kind of meal more often this winter.

CJ’s Food & Discovery
Hi. Your beef and cabbage soup looks so healthy! We used to use pressure cooker in the izakaya kitchen where I work at, and I was always a little scared and prayed that it wouldn’t explode :)

Thank you so much for clarifying. So that’s the difference. Yeah, in my soup, chicken was so tender and onions were almost going textureless. They both tasted good. :)

Yeah, I’ve seen the expression “soft and tender” very often, and been wondering. Now I feel much better. Thanks.

Oh is it raining a lot over there? I always see great food pics from outdoor markets on your blog, so I assumed that maybe it rarely rains there. Wrong, isn't it? Well, enjoy your comfort food :)