Friday, December 30, 2005

Bouillabaisse ...?

bouillabaisse -- my very first try

Shrimp and clams were on sale at a nearby supermarket today. Still craving for a healthy seafood-vegetable combination, I went for something adventurous for my supper tonight -– something I had heard of but never tried before. I made bouillabaisse!

I knew that you use seafood like fish, clams, shrimp and squid for bouillabaisse, but I didn’t know what kind of fish. With clams and shrimp in my shopping basket, I wandered around for a while in the fish aisle, trying to decide which fish to pick. Then I found a terribly attractive, big pack of salmon scrap for 150 yen, and before I knew it, my hand immediately picked it up and threw it in the basket. Now, tell me... Is using salmon scrap for bouillabaisse something really off the wall? If so… well, it’s too late anyway. I already used it. :P

Being totally exhausted from the izakaya work last night and the office work this afternoon, I didn't feel like doing conversion at all, so I just picked a Japanese recipe on the net. And I was happy that I found that recipe. Maybe what I made was far from the real bouillabaisse, but it tasted good. The broth from the seafood was so tasty that I didn’t even need to add salt, and I just LOVED the kick of the red chili pepper.

I’m definitely going to make this fish stew a few more times this winter, trying different seafood ingredients each time.


Anonymous said...

It looks good. Did you use the saffron in the recipe?

KT121 said...

This is sooooo my kind of dish!Looks delicious.It's absolutely freezing outside now and something like this would be in order...

Anonymous said...

i like using cod, as it doesn't disintegrate when cooked:D

would you happen to have a recipe for homemade mochi? i'd love to learn how! off to search your archives now:)

Fish Fish said...

Obachan, fish fish come in just wanna to greet you a Happy New Year. May 2006 a better year to you. ^_^

rokh said...

mmm i love seafood.

bourgogne said...

hi obachan, that looks so good. are you going to make osechi ryori? happy new year!

FooDcrazEE said...

obachan, even if it different from the original, who cares as long as it is delish. We can create our very own recipe right ?

obachan said...

Anonymous commenter
Yep I did! : )

It must be really cold over there. Have a bowl of hearty soup and keep warm : )

Cod sounds good. I’m going to use it next time I try this fish stew.
Mochi recipe? No, there’s none in my archives. You mean real mochi? Do you have an electric mochi maker? If you don’t, I guess the softer kind of mochi made from mochiko (ground rice flour) would be easier to make. How about this recipe?

fish fish
Thank you for visiting. Yoi otoshi wo.
Don’t catch a cold ;)

Me, too. :)

Yep, I am. Stay tuned for my osechi entries. (It’ll be basically the same as last year, though.)
Happy new year to you, too!

Yeah, it was delish.