Thursday, December 01, 2005

But We Still Have McDonald's

Chicken Fillet Cutlet & Cheese Sandwich by Pasco

There was a bakery called Pasco on the 1st floor of Daiei supermarket. It was where I bought these last spring. For me the bakery was a convenient place to grab a sandwich and canned coffee and eat at a small table when I had only about 5 minutes for supper before my work at izakaya (starting at 7:00 pm). Well, Daiei Kochi branch closed on November 31st, 2005, and now I don’t know what happened to Pasco. From today on, my first choice will be McDonald's when I have only 5 minutes to eat before my izakaya work.

This is their “chicken fillet cutlet & cheese sandwich” which I tried maybe … twice altogether? (This photo was actually taken several weeks ago.) I liked the way the cutlet and lettuce were wrapped in a thin, soft slice of bread, just like wearing a kimono, but I wished that the cutlet wasn't that dry...

It’s sad to see shops closing one after another in this rural city.

BTW, I ordered an electric slow cooker yesterday. It’ll be delivered tomorrow or the day after. Hmmmm... Stormy adventures in my kitchen this winter??


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, a slow cooker... back in the days when I cooked, that (and the electric frypan) was an appliance I'd've saved in a fire. In the wintertime, its great to come home to a meal that's ready to serve ... yummm.
God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

cookiecrumb said...

Hooray, girlfriend! You're going to love it.
I'm so sorry you are limited in your quick-dinner choices now.

obachan said...

Christine in LA
Mmmm… that sounds really great. Yeah, it must be great to come home and find a warm hearty stew or something waiting for me when I came back from work on a rainy winter day! (I commute by bicycle, so imagine how it is on a rainy day.) Ahhh….I can’t wait!
BTW, what was your signature dish with your slow cooker?

I can’t wait to find out how dramatically my slow cooker will change my life!! Can you recommend some good slow-cooker recipes?

Jennie Durren said...

That sandwich sounds really tasty. I like the way you described the bread as being like a kimono. Here in Pittsburgh, we don't really have any shops that sell nice sandwiches like that. You can buy some at the convenience store but they're quite disgusting.

When I was in England there was a chain of sandwich shops and I remember them being very good. I wish they would open a store here!

I agree that it's sad to watch a lot of shops close one after the other. In my case, many of the shops are replaced by huge stores like Wal Mart or by other chains. Sometimes, though, the buildings just sit abandoned for a long time... very sad.

obachan said...

Hi Jen,
Well, here I miss good clubhouse sandwiches. Oh, and grilled cheese…. :d