Monday, December 26, 2005

Ikura Donburi

Ikura donburi

Some of you readers probably expected something like this, huh? Yeah, I made this dish with leftover ikura (salmon roe) yesterday. It was so good, but would have looked and tasted better if nori (seaweed) strips were sprinkled on top ...

And of course, after all those sugar, fat and alcohol, obachan just HAD TO have miso soup.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, ikura donburi! It is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Anonymous said...

Though I'm not a roe fan, your ikura donburi looks good. I like miso soup.

obachan said...

Evil Jungle Prince
It sure does. I heard that choline in miso prevents alcohol went into the liver to be stored as fat, and having miso soup when you woke up with hangover would help excreting alcohol. Good stuff. :) I had both miso soup and tomato juice, and I think it helped ……………………… some.

Wow, thanks for the big word. I gotta buy a new dictionary. ;)

Amber Amethryne
Thanks. My mom always says that she hates salmon roe because it tastes like “fish liver oil” that she was forced to have when she was a child.

Valisa said...

ohhh obachan,
I want me some miso soup too. Do you have a recipe for it? I have both sweet and the other miso in my fridge. Just never used it to make soup :P

Anonymous said...

Kurisumas omedato goziamasu. Shinnen omedeto goziamasu.
I hope this is correct ... I had help, but any errors are mine alone.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thank you for all the good posts, great foods and wonderful photos.
God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

robwonton said...

Simple. One of my favorite things to eat.

obachan said...

Mmmm…I wonder what kind of miso you have… because some kind of very sweet miso with barley grains is not used for making miso soup. But if your miso are both regular ones, mixing 2 different miso will result in a better flavored miso soup, they say. Here’s a miso soup recipe for a lazy person (like me ) that I posted last year, which calls for instant dashi powder. If you have time and bonito flakes, you might want to try this recipe, or other similar recipes available on the net.

Yeah, I love the way ikura looks….Tasty jewelry, right?

Christine in LA
Oh, thank you very much for the greetings in Japanese!
I always appreciate your friendly comment to my blog.
I wish you a wonderful new year, too.

Glad to find another fish-egg lover ;)

Crazy Gaijin
No, it’s mitsuba that I had in my kitchen and it was a leftover from…. don’t ask me. I was very impressed to see how long it can survive in a water-filled glass.
I read about an instant miso-drink that is popular(?) somewhere in Kyushu. To make the drink, they mix miso, sugar and bonito flaks (fine type) in a saucepan over mid-heat, stirring well until the mixture is glossy, remove from heat, cool and store. When you have a hangover, all you have to do is put a spoonful in a mug and pour boiling water and stir. It’ll make an instant miso-drink and you don’t need to put any other ingredients like miso soup. Actually I have some in my fridge. Pretty handy.

Jennie Durren said...

I love ikura. Maybe I'll stop at the grocery store and buy some tomorrow, because now I want to eat this! I don't have mitsuba but I do have nori.

Would shiso taste totally wrong in this combination? I love its flavor.

obachan said...

Hi Jen,
I don’t think it’s wrong at all! It’s a very popular combination I think. I’ve seen an ad of ikura that said something like “Eat with wasabi, nori and shiso leaves.”
So, get some shiso leaves and enjoy your ikura-don! :)

boo_licious said...

I just saw ikura at Isetan yesterday - now I wish I bought that as your donburi looks so good.

obachan said...

I'm jealous. I've never been to Isetan in my entire life. :(