Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Menu for Hope II

I know I’m always late, but I hope I'm not too late for this. There’s a wonderful campaign going on called A Menu for Hope II. It is a fundraising raffle(?) in aid of the victims of the earthquake in the Kashmir region. For more information, visit Chez Pim right now, because the campaign ends on December 23, 2005.

As some of you probably know, I was affected by the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake 10 years ago. After that devastating disaster, we received help from all over the world, and it was an experience that I can never forget for the rest of my life… Now it’s my turn to return the favor. And to me this campaign seems to be an awfully creative and fun way to return the favor. I’m very happy to participate. :)

Since so many people have offered a great variety of goodies and plans, I’m going for something "different" and “Japanese.” (I don’t know if anyone would want this, though ;P) What I’m going to offer is a small bottle of dried and coarsely ground yuzu rind. You can use this for Japanese hotpot dishes, noodles and grilled/simmered food to give extra flavor. Also I’m offering a bag of instant anko (azuki bean paste) powder. You can make sweet azuki bean paste real easily by just adding water and sugar and heating it. Could be something handy for a wagashi (Japanese sweets) fan living outside Japan. ;)

There are many more wonderful offers on the menu, so don't miss this opportunity.
Thanks for your support.

* Melissa of CookngDiva kindly translated the information on "A Menu for Hope II" site for Spanish-speaking readers. Click the link below for the Spanish version.
"A Menu for Hope II" en Espanol
Thanks Melissa :)


obachan said...

Thanks Melissa. Great job translating… but, hey, do you ever rest??

About the 10 favorite foods meme, I may not be able to work on it until next year, but thanks for tagging me.