Monday, December 05, 2005



Yes, I gave it a try. I made wagashi called nerikiri with the shiroan (sweetened white bean paste) that had been forgotten in my fridge for…don’t ask me how long. Anyway, from the research I did for my “sweet seasons” entries, I learned that you can make nerikiri with shiroan and yam.

So I microwaved a few chunks of yam and pressed them through a strainer to make a smooth paste. Then I mixed the bean paste and yam paste, colored them with food coloring and made a ginkgo leaf and a persimmon.

The stem of the persimmon was made with an azuki bean I dug out from another dessert and a toothpick. ;P The rest was shaped into small balls with a little twist using a plastic wrap.

Made with the cheap, store-bought old bean paste, the taste of my dessert was not terribly great or anything, but texture-wise, it was fairly close to real wagashi, and I was happy about that. :D

That's all about my special, traditional-style Japanese dinner, autumn version.
The winter version will most likely be made in February 2006. (Maybe, maybe not.) ;)